What’s the title of your favorite song? How many times do the words in that title appear throughout the song? What could that possibly have to do with your home décor? Well, just as the words of a song tie it to its theme, the colors you choose for the theme of your décor ties all your decorations and accents together. Want a “number one hit” when it comes to your home décor? Then note the following tips from the experts.

Colour – Use & Use Again

Pick a colour that you can use more than once. That means it appears in your paint job, your mosaic tiles, the patterns of your fabrics, your furniture, your decorating accents—in short, the room should be “singing the same song.” Why?

If you choose blue as your theme colour and it is echoed in the pattern of you floor tiles, whispered in the throw pillows, and swirls in your rag-rolled cupboard paint, then the room will present a sense of harmony, as if it were all one set and belonged together. But how much is enough?

Just like most songs have a chorus that occurs at least twice in the song, try to use a colour at least twice. If your floor tiles are burnt orange, at least echo that someplace else, be it in a floral designed pillowcase or a display of scented candles. But when deciding what to highlight where, be careful not to put the proverbial cart before the horse.

Look Before You Leap

Many perhaps would consider buying paint first than matching decorations to the paint. However, some professionals say this is a definite “no, no”. Why? One reason is that paint colour is the easiest thing to change when you want to update your room design. Otherwise, you end up tossing all your decorations and buying new ones when, in fact, you can keep them and just repaint the room. Secondly, it’s much easier to find one paint that matches all your furnishings, then to run around looking for a plethora of furnishings to match your paint.

So choose a theme, use the theme at least twice and choose your paint last. Want some more great tips on floor tiles? Why not visit the experts at Tile Factory Outlet? They have people with great style and tile design ideas, just right for you. Happy decorating!