Polished concrete flooring has been gaining momentum among home builders and renovators in recent years. People love it for its rustic, yet modern, seamless look and its reflective surface adds ambient light to any room. But home builders and renovators now have a new option: Polished Concrete look floor tiles.

Concrete Floor Tiles – Why Choose Polished Concrete Look Tiles?

Polished concrete look tiles closely emulate the look of a real concrete floor. The freedom of inkjet technology allows manufacturers to design colours and patterns that are just perfect. This means you can fully enjoy the raw beauty of a concrete look in a porcelain tile. There are many reasons why polished concrete look floor tiles are worth considering. Below are just 4 of many advantages of choosing polished concrete look tiles over a polished concrete floor.

1. Cost

If you have already done some research into how much it costs to have polished concrete floors in your home, you may have been surprised at just how expensive it can be. This is because of the complicated steps involved to create the smooth and consistent finish you are after. Compare that to polished concrete look floor tiles, which cost a fraction of the price at TFO. Even including the cost of installation, it would be much cheaper to use concrete look tiles.

2. Weight

All concrete slabs require a thick concrete layer and polished concrete is no exception. To have a polished concrete floor usually requires a concrete slab that has a minimum thickness of 100mm. That means that if you have 100 square metres of floor space to cover, it would weigh approximately 24 tons! Obviously, this is not an option upstairs. On the other hand, installing concrete look floor tiles will not add any significant weight to your house. It’s just the weight of the tiles and adhesive. Along with using concrete look tiles on floors, you can also use them on walls.

3. Duration

Because of the number of steps involved in creating the surface desired, a polished concrete floor can take up to 1 week to complete. As you can imagine, it also creates an enormous amount of dust. On the other hand, tile installation is much simpler. Provided the surface is in a good condition, it shouldn’t take longer than a couple of days for a small job.

4. Maintenance

If you want to maintain the original look of polished concrete, you must repeatedly seal the concrete. As a concrete surface is porous, without proper sealing, it can be prone to staining and discolouring from dust and chemicals that may penetrate the surface. Just imagine having to move all your furniture to re-seal your floor every year! Concrete look floor tiles are so much easier to maintain. The glazed surface of concrete look tiles is non-porous, therefore does not require any sealing.
These are just a few of the many reasons why you should consider polished concrete look tiles over a polished concrete floor. Come and visit TFO to see the full range of polished concrete look tiles or browse concrete look tiles online now.