Designers and architects alike are finding themselves caught in a vicious cycle of trying to outdo what has been done before. Alas, many have come to realise that the concept of reinventing the wheel simply does not exist. One must explore what has been done before and rather than trying to create something new, make the original the best that it can become.

Terrazzo Commercial Floor Tiles

Tile suppliers around the world have done just that. Terrazzo is once again resurfacing as a much loved classic. Designers are finding themselves searching for the perfect product that is not only beautiful but also practical.

Enter the terrazzo look commercial floor tile. Produced in a variety of sizes and finishes, this product hits the mark in so many ways. With little to no maintenance once installed, porcelain tiles will outlast almost any other type of flooring. For this reason, many designers are opting to install tiles in high traffic areas over other commercial flooring such as carpet and vinyl.

Perfect Imperfection – The New Era Of Stone

But why stop there? Drawing inspiration from natural stone slabs, tile suppliers have now taken innovation one step further by creating 6mm porcelain panels. These panels emulate stone down to every little detail. Every aspect of the stone porcelain panel is enhanced through state of the art inkjet printing. Therefore, enabling the designer to achieve their desired result at a fraction of the cost.

This has opened the door to applications that were once not considered possible for many commercial spaces. With the ability to craft these porcelain panels into furniture, vanities and even benchtops; it comes as no surprise that many view this product as a revolution in the stone industry.
Regardless of the product chosen for a commercial space, the key things to keep in mind will always remain the same –

  1. Is the product durable enough to sustain a high traffic area?
  2. Will there be much maintenance involved long term?
  3. Is this product going to date?

By asking the questions above, you can ensure that the best possible flooring choice has been provided to your client for their commercial space to withstand the test of time.