Tile Factory Outlet stock an array of coloured tiles which includes neutral colour tiles, blue tiles, white tiles, beige tiles and a mix of other colours.

What is unique about the tiles at TFO is the quality. Our neutral coloured tiles have a fantastic ceramic coating that simply exudes class and style.

Why Are Neutral Color Tiles So Popular?

You might be wondering this very question yourself. One key reason is that neutral coloured tiles go very well with modern day homes as well as emitting a soft and relaxing feeling. In fact, most Australian living rooms utilise neutral colour tiles for this very reason.

Some like neutral coloured tiles because they are a pretty safe bet and will go with just about any decor thanks to their natural shade. If you don’t like to take a risk in decorating, then neutral coloured tiles are definitely for you.

For those of you wanting a far more expensive appearance, TFO has a wide array of various other well known shades for your perusal.

At TFO, we have over 350,000 m2 of tiles in one location ready for same-day pickup. So you will definitely find something that will match your particular needs. We also have special pallet prices available if you would like to order in large quantities.

So if you want to see the best selection of neutral color tiles or a variety of other colours, then visit TFO at our Smithfield store. Want great advice on which kind of tiles are likely to best match your specific needs? No problems! We have experts available to assist you with any tiling question.

Can’t get to our showroom? Use our online tile shop. It’s so easy to browse the stock that we currently have on offer. Our online tile store is updated on a regular basis so you can see the stock level along with any new tiles that are available. You are certain to find what you need at Tile Factory Outlet. So hesitate no longer, give us a try and save today!