Sandstone tiles and sandstone pavers are popular choices of natural stone for landscaping, feature walls, pool surrounds and edging. Not only is sandstone suitable for these areas around the home, but it is also safe, durable and aesthetically pleasing, appearing inviting and warm. Finding the right colour, size and texture sandstone tiles and sandstone pavers at the right price in Sydney is difficult as retail prices can vary greatly and are usually very high.

The good news is, at TFO™ or otherwise known as Tile Factory Outlet, you can save thousands and buy sandstone at really low prices. All of the sandstone tiles and sandstone pavers are imported direct from manufacturers and brought straight to you the end consumer, so that you do not have to pay retail ever again!

The most frequently asked question is “Are sandstone tiles and sandstone pavers ok to use around pools?”  In short, the answer is yes. But like all natural stone, sandstone must be sealed. You can buy sandstone bullnoses for the coping or you can continue the sandstone pavers right to the edge of the pool, as long as the edge is tumbled and the thickness is right.

The size of your sandstone tiles and sandstone pavers is generally a personal preference, as is the colour, finish and texture.  The favourite choice of sandstone for external areas is sandblasted sandstone. That’s right, sandblasted. The process of blasting sandstone tiles and sandstone pavers with sand! Sandblasting sandstone coarsens the surface, adding that extra grip, making it ideal for where you need it most.

TFO has access to a large selection of quarries that deliver a range of colours and sizes to suit your home. The bestselling sandstone is TEAKWOOD SANDSTONE, most commonly used as pool paving, as its earthy mix of orange hues highlights the cool blue look of the water in the pool.

Check out the selection of sandstone tiles and pavers in TFO’S showroom open 7 days a week. If you live interstate, you can check out our online tile store where you can buy sandstone at the cheapest prices and arrange delivery. For any further enquiries email today.