Searching for cheap tiles in Melbourne? Well look no further as TFO offers you the latest quality tiles all at outlet prices. With such low prices at TFO, even after the cost of delivery, you can still save thousands. When you compare TFO to other stores, why is there such a big difference in price? Because at TFO, we import directly from tile manufacturers and sell straight to you. Therefore, we cut out any middlemen and also keep prices low.

If you are looking for clearance tiles Melbourne, consider buying from TFO Sydney. We have a huge range of design and style options available. Below are just a few of the fabulous types of tiles available at TFO at unbelievably low prices.

Stone Look Tiles

Big brand manufacturers use the latest ink-jet printing technology. This allows them to create wonderful designs that imitate the look of natural stone in fine detail. These designs combined with the supreme practicality of porcelain tiles create exquisite stone look tiles.

Timber Look Tiles

At TFO, we carry a huge range of timber look tiles which is like no other store in Melbourne or Sydney for that matter. Timber look or wood look tiles imitate the beauty of natural timber but with the practicality of porcelain tiles. At other stores you will see highly inflated prices but not at TFO.

Cheap Tiles Melbourne – Travertine Tiles And Pavers

Travertine tiles and pavers were once used only in luxury homes and public buildings. Now, it is no longer is an option limited to a small group of people. As TFO imports directly from Turkey, we are able to offer fabulous travertine tiles and pavers at amazing outlet prices.

Cheap Tiles Melbourne – Delivery

The idea of buying tiles interstate and getting them delivered, sounds complicated. However, we understand and make it easy for you. You’ll be glad to know that you wouldn’t be the first person to buy tiles interstate. TFO has many interstate customers from Melbourne and all over Australia.

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