Are you planning to buy cheap pavers? Do you want them for your backyard or front pathway? Pavers certainly make your outdoor space more usable without too much work. Pavers don’t require cement fixing like tiles. Therefore if you compare the laying process, pavers are much simpler than its alternatives. As you don’t permanently fix pavers, it’s also easy to remove and shift them if you need to.

Many people think of concrete or clay pavers when they think of cheap pavers. It’s true, these pavers are easily accessible and are some of the more budget friendly options. This is because they are fairly easy to produce. But at the same time, with these types of pavers everyone seems to have the same ones as the colour options are very limited.

A Fresh Difference At TFO

By far, the biggest selling pavers here at TFO are Turkish travertine pavers. Travertine pavers have long been a luxurious and expensive option for many. This is because retailers need to import them from Europe. Still, its unique classic look has impressed many for centuries with many notable buildings and architecture featuring the stone. TFO has been able to find local quarries in Turkey that produce the finest travertine pavers in the region. What’s more, we directly import pavers from these quarries. This makes it possible for us to offer travertine pavers at wholesale prices.

Beautiful Travertine Pavers

Each and every travertine paver the manufacturer carefully hones by hand. The pavers are then put in a tumbling machine to chip off the edges. This leaves unique natural bevelled edges on every piece. The manufacturer cuts most pavers in 30-50mm thickness giving each piece a resistance to cracking under pressure. The natural porosity of the stone characterizes travertine pavers. They are not only beautiful to look at but also extremely practical as the natural porosity gives slip resistance to the stone.

If cheap pavers interest you, why not check out our range of travertine pavers at TFO today.