When it comes to shower wall tiles, there are more colours than just white. You can decorate your bathroom attractively and be creative by selecting from a variety of ceramic tiles. From gloss ceramic wall tiles to large format ceramic wall tiles, you can recreate your bathroom creatively which will last for many years to come.

Ceramic wall tiles come in a wide variety of colours and designs. While white or solid colours are the tiles many people are familiar with, you can mix them up to create specific yet simple designs for your bathroom walls. Combining complementary colours into alternating patterns or rows can create a unique look that is still pleasing to the eye while standing out.

You should begin by deciding the colour scheme first, whether to stay simple by using a few colours or to be more dramatic and use plenty of design choices. This is important unless you plan to remodel your bathroom on a regular basis. When you’ve decided on the colour scheme of your ceramic tiles, the next step is whether to form a design pattern or keep it fairly straight forward.

Forming designs with ceramic shower wall tiles is fairly easy because so many patterns already exist for you to use. The plans for ceramic shower wall tiles number in the thousands and finding one suitable for your bathroom should be a cinch. But creating your own original design is not all that difficult either. Simply lay out a pattern of sample tiles if you wish to understand how it will look. Then translate it into a number design for your wall when you remove your old tiles.

Once you’ve chosen the colours and design, the next step is the type of wall tiles you will be using. Gloss ceramic wall tiles have a unique finish that makes them stand out from ordinary ceramic shower wall tiles. As the name implies, gloss ceramic wall tiles have a sheen that makes your bathroom look more fresh as if you had just finished cleaning, even if you had not for a while.

While gloss ceramic tiles do require care and need to be cleaned on a regular basis, they are also sturdy and can last a very long time.

Another choice you may want to consider is large format tiles. Many of us think of shower wall tiles as small, around one to two inches square. But large format tiles come in sizes that can be greater than a foot in diameter. One noticeable advantage to using large format tiles is that you need less grout, sometimes less than 1/5th of what’s needed for normal ceramic shower wall tiles.

Choosing the right shower wall tiles for your bathroom begins with making all the important decisions before you start your remodeling efforts. Choosing the colours, designs, patterns and type of ceramic wall tiles will mean making fewer mistakes and getting more of what you want from the new look you are giving to your bathroom.  Remember that these changes have the potential to last a long time so you will want to make your decisions count.

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