Canaima timber look tiles series! When it comes to Spanish tiles, no introduction is generally necessary. Their progressive use of technology to continue to produce porcelain tiles of superior quality and excelling craftsmanship has made them leaders in the world of tile manufacturing. The collective experience of Spanish innovators means you receive the guarantee of excellence in each tile. Codicer’s line of Spanish timber look porcelain tiles continues this tradition.

Go Natural

But why go for timber look tiles? Let’s face it, when we’re down, drained, and otherwise dragging ourselves, where do we turn? It’s back to nature. Whether in a day spa where we can be near shimmering pools of refreshing cool water, or a distant retreat surrounded by majestic woodlands, nature brings us back to our centre.

Now, you can keep that same invigorating connection with the outdoors in your own home with a stunning selection of luxurious Spanish porcelain timber look tiles.  The wood grain pattern creates a rustic feel that is like a warm hug from nature. The rectified cut will help you maximise the real timber effect, masking the grout, while the rectangular plank design mimics actual wood planks.

Extremely Durable Porcelain Body

Yet, unlike actual wood, these beautiful tiles which are available in a range of colours, are characterized by durability. Therefore, you are relieved from the fear of wood planks swelling, molding, or otherwise decaying from water damage. The same applies to worries about termites or other pests that would love to munch on or make a home in wood planks. Moreover, you save time since constant sealing and sanding is unnecessary.  You can slide a chair without worrying about splintering wood. They also do not lose their luster. In summary, you have a tile installation of enduring beauty which provides a daily feast for the eyes.

As if these benefits are not enough, if you use timber look tiles you will be on top of the latest tiling trends since timber look tiles continue to take the market by storm. They have become the tile of choice for indoor and outdoor installations.

TFO’s collection of Spanish timber look tiles are guaranteed to produce a wow factor in your home décor. Stop in at our Sydney TFO showroom and check out this gorgeous line of Spanish timber look tiles available at the lowest prices around. If you’re not in Sydney you can browse our stock and look over the specs online as well as compare prices to see our unbeatable offers.