Many love Calcatta marble look porcelain tiles. Why? When speaking of Italian marble tiles, nothing comes close to the dramatic personality of Calacatta marble. While this type of marble you can only find in a small area of Italy, it is one of the most sought after marbles around the world because of its unforgettable look. While many confuse it with Carrara marble which is slightly more accessible, people know Calacatta marble tiles for their whiter colours and more dramatic veining patterns. Unfortunately, Calacatta marble is not the most affordable marble around. The popularity of the stone makes it one of the more expensive stones. Calacatta marble look porcelain tiles therefore are a great option.

Even if one can get a hold of real Calacatta, you are not guaranteed that it’s of the finest quality. The fragility of the stone and the porosity of the marble also makes it one of the more sensitive products. It requires constant care and attention. These factors mean that people often only use Calacatta marble on small feature walls, bathroom walls or on a kitchen bench-top.

But now you can enjoy the stunning beauty of Calacatta in a bigger area without breaking your wallet. We are proud to announce that at TFO, we now have a carefully selected range of brand new Calacatta design porcelain tiles from Italy and Spain. Yes that’s right, marble look porcelain tiles.


Calacatta Marble Look Porcelain Tiles

There are many reasons why you too should be interested in Calacatta marble look porcelain tiles. First of all, these tiles are designed with cutting edge digital technology. This reproduces the look of Calacatta marble right down to the minutest details like never before. Not only that, each piece of tile is designed with a uniquely different pattern. Therefore enhancing the true natural look of Calacatta marble.

Another reason why you should consider Calacatta marble look porcelain tiles is that they are virtually maintenance free. Being made of a strong porcelain body means that they are extremely hard to damage even under heavy traffic. They are also glazed making them resistant to stains and discolouration.

Calacatta Marble Look Porcelain Tiles – Affordability

Lastly, Calacutta marble look floor tiles are so much more affordable to purchase and install. At TFO, we directly import the finest porcelain tiles from Europe to help you save thousands on brand name tiles.

So, you have nothing to lose. You’ll get the same luxurious look of Calacatta whilst saving thousands. You also won’t have the worry of a long and repeated process of care and maintenance. Use them as floor tiles in your living roomor wall tiles in your bathroom. Some even decide to put it through their whole house.

Come and visit our showroom for the full range of Calacatta look glazed porcelain tiles or buy tiles online now.