Natural stone is one of the most exciting and versatile materials on the market. Traditionally it was only available to clients with deep pockets who could afford the extravagant prices. Tile Factory Outlet, however, has completely demystified, simplified and reduced prices of natural stone to a level that everyone can enjoy.

There are numerous natural stones that can come in many different finishes. Tile Factory Outlet carries a large number of these. Here are some that we keep in stock.

Natural Stone Tiles And Pavers At TFO

  • Cream marble comes in a polished or honed finish. It’s suitable for bathroom walls and floors. It’s also suitable for any internal main floors and any internal feature walls. Cream marble cladding comes in a polished or honed finish and is suitable for any walls such as lift lobbies. Many marbles come in a rock face finish, thus creating a beautiful strong look suitable for many areas. Such as a feature in internal and external walls, columns and retaining walls.
  • Split Face Travertine is a great decorative product, with its beautiful balance in colour, giving a serene feeling of ambience.
  • Rock face travertine is another great look. It’s similar to the split face but adding a feeling of strength. This is suitable for any decorative wall surface and also for columns.
  • Crazy paving is a product suitable for any wall and floor, particularly in driveways extending to large areas.
  • Teakwood cladding is a sandstone which looks fantastic in any exterior area. It creates a feeling of beauty and strength.
  • Teakwood split face is another sandstone which also looks fantastic and beautiful in a more rugged way.
  • Sandblasted sandstone is suitable for any areas that are exposed to the weather. It is suitable for any area that requires a surface to be slip-resistant in wet conditions. It is particularly suitable around swimming pools.

An important thing to be aware of is that all natural stone, irrespective of finish, used internally or externally should be sealed. This makes it harder to absorb dirt and easier to clean.

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