When it comes to cleaning, there are many things that make us cringe – dirt, mold, mildew, spray from exploding cooking grease and soap residue – especially when these things are found in your grout. Along with you not being impressed, either will your family and  friends.  But who enjoys cleaning grout?  What is the best way to clean tiled floors and walls?

Grout Cleaning – Do’s And Don’ts

Basically, there are two kinds of grout, one contains sand and is called “sanded”. The other  is called “non-sanded”. Sand is added to strengthen the grout between the tiles making it more durable and able to withstand more wear and tear. This, in turn, gives your flooring a longer lifespan.  The sand particles in the grout, however, create tiny holes making it porous. Wherever the holes are, things can go in, like stains and other unwanted debris and this detracts from the appeal of your flooring. It is a big job to clean grout with such a non-uniform texture but it must be done correctly or else the grout can be ruined. Here are a few helpful hints.

There are many products on the market, but a quick fix for getting rid of mildew can be obtained from your kitchen cupboard.  In order to get rid of any loose debris before starting, clean your grout with plain water first. Then sprinkle some baking soda on the grout, then add some vinegar to get a fizz going. This should be followed up with a good scrub. It’s best to avoid using a metal brush as this is too hard and will destroy your grout. It’s good to use a stiff brush but not a toothbrush because the bristles are generally too soft.

Another tip to keep in mind, if you have coloured grout, avoid using bleach as a cleaning agent. Bleach will discolour your grout just as it does your favorite pair of jeans.

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