If you are in the market for bathroom tiles Newcastle, TFO’s got one of the largest selections of top-quality, brand name, and affordably priced tiles. You can take a trip to our TFO showroom in Sydney and compare prices, or you can even purchase tiles online for savings without equal. Check out some of our latest tips:

Would you like to install tile trim as part of your bathroom design? Would you like the trim to protrude above the field tiles? Many times, in order to get the trim to protrude you need something to push it up, or build up the back to the desired height. What can you do?

There are two things you can do, depending upon how much thickness is required. In cases where you need a thickness of less than 6 millimeters, you can spread a thicker layer of adhesive but if you need to increase the thickness by more than 6 millimeters, add a strip of backboard to the desired thickness.

Bathroom Tiles Newcastle – Getting A Grip

Here is another tip that will help you “get a grip” on your tile. Sometimes it is necessary to reposition a tile or lift up a sunken one. In such cases you may decide not to use your nails. A useful option is to use a suction cup. This will allow you to get a grip on the tile and reposition as desired.

Let TFO provide the know-how and superior products needed for your bathroom tiles Newcastle project.