Get some bathroom renovation basics. The difference can be amazing when an old and daggy bathroom is turned into a stunning modern bathroom. A perfectly executed bathroom can be the highlight of the house as well as increase the property value dramatically. But if you’ve never done a bathroom renovation before, the thought of undertaking such a project could be daunting. So below, are 3 points to cover the basics for a bathroom renovation.

1. Bathroom Renovation Basics – Waterproofing

To have a problem free bathroom, proper waterproofing when renovating the bathroom is a basic thing that’s absolutely essential. While many types of tiles are resistant to water absorption, some tiles can still absorb moisture and grout joints can also let some water through. If the waterproofing is not done properly and water starts leaking, fixing the problem can be tricky as well as costly. Having proper water proofing done at the beginning will save you time and money later on.

Before applying the waterproof, the surface must be cleaned of all dust and dirt, and it should be primed first. All corners should be covered with neutral pH silicone to absorb any movement, thus preventing the waterproof membrane from cracking. The waterproof should be applied at least twice. Once the waterproof membrane is dry, tiles can be laid directly over it using an appropriate tile adhesive.

2. Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

A bathroom is usually a small room in comparison to other rooms. While ways to extend your bathroom size may be limited when renovating, there are some basic ways to make your bathroom visually look bigger than it really is. Below are some bathroom renovation basics.

Choose polished bathroom tiles
Polished bathroom tiles look great but they are also one of the best ways to make your bathroom look bigger. The tiles reflect on each other, making walls “not as visible”. The increased light in the room, due to the polished finish of the bathroom tiles, contributes to an open feel of a bathroom too.

Choose light coloured bathroom tiles
Don’t choose dark coloured tiles for the majority of your bathroom. Dark colours absorb light while light colours enhance the light. Choose such colours as white, beige and light grey.

Choose large format tiles
In most old bathrooms, small tiles were more commonly used than large tiles. But small bathroom tiles can often create a cramped feel rather than a spacious feel because there are more grout joints visible. Discoloured grout joints make the bathroom look even worse. So, why not use large format tiles? The simple and seamless look of large bathroom tiles makes your bathroom feel bigger and cleaner. Choose rectified tiles so that the grout joint width is kept to a minimum. Using a similar colour grout to that of the tiles also enhances the seamless look of the bathroom.

3. Be Creative

Making your bathroom look bigger and cleaner is not the only reason why you renovate it. Be creative and give some thought to the design of your bathroom too. There are many ways to add that extra bit of character to your bathroom, but one good way is to make use of the wide variety of mosaic tiles available. Mosaic tiles are made of all kinds of materials such as marble, travertine, porcelain, glass and even stainless steel. Find mosaics that complement the colours of your bathroom tiles. You may choose to use them as a narrow vertical strip or on an entire wall. But don’t go overboard, make sure the colours of all the tiles in your bathroom as well as the fixtures complement each other.

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