Natural products have a feel and beauty like nothing else. This is especially true when it comes to natural stone tiles and pavers. Natural stone is a broad definition for any natural stone product. This category includes travertine, limestone, marble, granite, sandstone and other naturally found stone products. Did you know that some stone may fall between two well-known categories? For instance, in between a limestone and a travertine or a limestone and a marble. Therefore, if you love the natural feel of natural stone tiles or natural stone pavers, then we would like to tell you where you can buy natural stone products at Sydney’s best prices – TFO. Why buy natural stone tiles from TFO?


1. TFO Has the Lowest Prices

TFO stands for Tile Factory Outlet. Furthermore, for years TFO has been selling high quality tiles at Sydney’s lowest prices. TFO has many partnerships with factories all around the world including many Turkish and Egyptian natural stone quarries and factories. This means you can buy natural stone tiles and pavers at outlet prices. So, the no.1 reason you should buy natural stone is the price TFO can offer you. We have the best natural stone prices around.


2. Natural Stone Feels Amazing

Imagine coming home from a hard day’s work and walking barefoot on a natural stone floor. Or having a warm natural stone floor tile in your bathroom. Or perhaps walking around your pool without cheap concrete pavers underfoot but instead walking on high density natural stone pavers. When you think about it, don’t you deserve natural stone? Many people say that natural stone floor tiles enhance your well-being. With TFO’s natural stone prices, you can get natural stone pavers for the price of cheap concrete pavers of other tile shops. So, the 2nd reason you should buy natural stone tiles and pavers is the amazing feel.


3. Natural Stone Adds Value To Your Home

Real estate agents who visit us at TFO, all tell us of homes that sold well above the average because the home owner had used natural stone through the house or even in the back yard. Yes, the 3rd reason to buy natural stone tiles or pavers is the resale value.


4. Perfect Complement

Natural stone tends to match its surroundings very well. In fact Sydney, known for its natural stone like sandstone and other forms of sedimentary bedrock, has used natural stone in buildings from the city’s early years. Yes, the 4th reason you should buy natural stone tiles and pavers from TFO is that natural stone perfectly suits the Sydney landscape.

Accordingly, with these 4 reasons above, we encourage you to come in store to TFO. We are located at 107 Warren Road, Smithfield. Not only will you love our range, but you will also love our prices. Please feel free to inspect our natural stone tiles and pavers in store or view our online range by clicking through to our online natural stone tile and paver section.


Important Notes – Natural Stone Tiles

Please note that no two natural stone tiles or pavers are ever the same. Furthermore, the beauty of natural stone lies in each piece having unique variations. Natural stone should be sealed after laying.