Laying Porcelain Tiles

Laying Porcelain Tiles – Other Aspects You Need To Consider

What are the points that might make one be reluctant to laying  porcelain tiles with their low water absorption rate, full body colors and patterns, and exceptional break-strength? There aren’t many facts to consider.

Adhesive for Tiles

Want to tile a wall or other vertical surface with porcelain tiles? Whereas wall tiles possess a higher water absorption rate and “grab” the adhesive, porcelain tiles will not take to the adhesive so easily. Even though the adhesive sets, they will need to be supported. For angles between the tiles, you could use plastic spacers. Be sure to utilize the best quality adhesives to give your porcelain tiles true “stick to itiveness.”

“Making the Cut”

Before you reach for that carbide blade to cut porcelain tiles, it’s very good to keep in mind that they are much harder to cut than ordinary ceramic tiles and so you might find yourself having trouble. It might be ideal to use a diamond wet saw (a circular blade made out of a diamond tip).

The Ideal Size

Porcelain tiles sizes vary and so are irregular because of the high temperature at which they’re cooked. This lack of consistency can present challenges during installing.


There’s excellent fulfillment in sitting back and appreciating a do-it-yourself job well done. To avoid ending up using the very common problem of uneven tiles during installation, you ought to seek the help of professional floor layer since the size of porcelain tiles tend to be inconsistent (one can weigh in at up to 6 pounds).

Keeping  them clean

Nooks and crannies for dirt to lodge and stains to develop are some imperfections that may be found in porcelain tiles. These defects must be covered by hand to avoid this. To generate an invisible stain resistant shield that’ll be made available to the surface of the tile, you should utilize a penetrating sealer.

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  • David Murty December 28, 2012, 11:53 pm

    I recently purchased some porcelain tiles for a new bath room, i was very happy with the product and the service we received at your warehouse/showroom.
    I had no problems cutting the tiles however trying to drill the tile to receive fittings E.G.soap holders towel racks etc proved very difficult, resulting in many burnt masonary drill bits. What is recommended for future projects? using similar materials.

    • The Guys at TFO January 10, 2013, 6:48 pm

      Thanks for your positive feedback David. Porcelain is a very tough product, hence its popularity in the tile market for it’s durability. Many tilers that we’ve spoken too suggest drilling with a diamond tip drill piece and spraying water at the same time. It can be timely but may work for you. having the right tool for the right product can mean the difference between a lot of wastage and almost no wastage at all. All the best!

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