Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain Tiles –TFO’s Huge Range of Stunning, Practical and Durable Porcelain Tiles.

Porcelain tiles are durable, practical and come in an incredible range of textures, colours and sizes, making them suitable for all wall and floor finishes. TFOTM is one of Sydney’s biggest porcelain tile outlets, where you can save hundreds or even thousands on first quality European porcelain tiles, including the latest in timber look and polished porcelain tiles.

Porcelain Tiles:

Porcelain tiles have a low water absorption rate, are stain resistant and are extremely hard wearing. This is because porcelain tiles, otherwise known as Vitrified or Fully Vitrified are fired at very high temperatures, making them more durable and more dense than ceramic tiles. The manufacturing process allows for intricate designs, textures, colours and sizes to be produced, closely emulating natural stones and timber. Porcelain tiles are also produced with non-slip textures of an R11 rating, which is perfect for external areas.

Timber Look Porcelain Tiles

The latest trend in home decorating is timber look full body porcelain stoneware, the ultimate in style with time-worn beauty without any of the maintenance of real timber. The format sizes come in conventional plank sizes of 150×600, 150×900, and 200x1000mm. These sizes show all the material’s beauty to optimal effect whilst allowing a laying pattern just like in laying conventional planks.

Timber look porcelain tiles come in a natural finish for indoor areas and an anti-slip finish for exterior areas. The mixture of colours feature different vein patterns and shades, just like real timber. The variation is carefully achieved by the latest in ink jet technology.

Polished Porcelain Tiles

TFO is a popular outlet for polished porcelain, carrying loads of stock and having a massive range of soluble salt polished porcelain tiles and double charged porcelain products in sizes of 300×300, 300×600, 600×600 and 800x800mm suitable as wall tiles and floor tiles. Polished porcelain reflects up to 90 percent of light, making your walls and floors appear brighter and larger. TFO specializes in popular selections of polished porcelain tiles all with nano pre-seal technology, making them easy to keep clean. All our tiles are at the best prices in Sydney.

Lappato Porcelain Tiles

What is a Lappato finish?  Lappato is the Italian word for semi-polished. This finish gives porcelain a unique combination of subtle shine within the matt base, making the surface more durable and practical for all internal wall and floor applications.

Rectified Porcelain Tiles

A rectified porcelain tile is a porcelain tile that has not been moulded and then fired but rather has been mechanically cut to size.  This allows you to lay rectified porcelain tiles close together, giving you the benefit of thinner grout lines.  This can really enhance the seamlessness of a room.

Visit TFO now to view our full range of porcelain tiles and save heaps or buy online now.


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