Why Buy Natural Stone Tiles From TFO?

TFO has a wide range of top quality natural stone tiles. When you want natural stone tiles or pavers you should always think of TFO because Tile Factory Outlet has great prices and incredible quality. Natural stone doesn’t date like traditional tiles do, but it normally costs more. However, when you can buy the most luxurious natural stone tiles at the same price as porcelain tiles elsewhere, the answer is simple – go to Sydney’s only true factory outlet, TFO. Whether it’s Carrara from Italy, Travertine from Turkey or stackstone from India and China, you can’t beat TFO on price. All these beautiful natural stones are available at TFO for the best prices in Sydney.

Natural stone tiles have been used for centuries throughout the world and have stood the test of time. Did you know that the Colosseum in Rome is made out of travertine? Luxurious buildings and palaces have used natural stone tiles for their beauty and durability and today it is still the preferred wall and floor covering, inside and out, for upmarket buildings and homes.

The natural veining found in each piece makes the product unique and beautiful. A variety of sizes are available, from tiny pieces of mosaics to large formats of 600x600mm or even made to order sizes of 1000x1000mm. Many different finishes are available such as honed, polished, unfilled, filled, chiselled, tumbled and exfoliated, making the product extremely versatile.

You can have natural stone walls or floors and natural stone tiles can be used in bathrooms, kitchens and any area of your home.  The choices are virtually limitless.

Sydney’s biggest trend in natural stone tiles is travertine from Turkey. TFO offers a comprehensive range of travertine tiles, pavers and bull noses for all your living spaces. There are many different types of travertine natural stone tiles available.  Each type varies, depending on where it is quarried (where it comes from).

Travertine natural stone tiles come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses and the colours range from soft creams to deep walnut.

Another popular choice people love is sandstone pavers for their Sydney home. Sandstone is a truly unique natural product that enhances the character of any area.

Limestone tiles and limestone pavers are another stunning choice in the world of natural stone. Coming in a variety of colours, limestone is really a beautiful product.

Natural stone tiles are generally porous, therefore we recommend sealing them with one of the many sealing products available.

Don’t settle for less, choose luxurious natural stone tiles for your home from TFO today. Whether you want sandstone pavers for your Sydney home or natural stone walls or even natural stone tiles for your bathroom, we’ve got it all at TFO.  You will be amazed at the affordable prices of real natural stones.  Find your preference of natural stone tiles at TFO and buy from our online tile store now or visit TFO today.


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