Mosaic Tiles Give You Endless Decorating Possibilities. Here Are Our Most Popular 4 Styles

TFO is a one location SUPER STORE that has all the latest quality tiles all at factory outlet prices. Mosaic tiles are taking bathrooms and kitchens by storm across the country and for good reason. They are fun, flexible and allow you to reflect your style and personality. Whether you have a splashback / backsplash, feature wall or entire bathroom to tile. You can choose from the enormous range of mosaic tile designs available at TFO – with the results being spectacular. Come and explore our collection of tile mosaics in beautiful colours and textures. Contrasting chic modern designs as well as more traditional styles. All for the best prices in Sydney.

1. Glass Mosaics

Glass mosaic tiles come in every colour imaginable and in an array of intricate shapes and tactile finishes that are just gorgeous. Including dot mounted glass mosaic tiles which you can use in swimming pools. The most popular choice is a blue mosaic tile. This is because blue glass makes the water appear sparkling clean and inviting. Tile the whole pool or just the waterline, the choice is yours. Furthermore, use glass mosaics for kitchen splashbacks / backsplashes, feature walls in bathrooms and exterior walls. They are also perfect for creating a backdrop for a wonderful water feature. Come to visit us at TFO for the best glass mosaic tile prices.

2. Marble Mosaic Tiles

Rising in popularity are mosaics made from natural stones. Their use can be seen on all the renovation and make-over shows as the contestants strive to create that “WOW” factor. The most popular natural stone used is Carrara marble – renowned for its timelessness and elegance. The shapes available are exquisite including hexagon, fan, herringbone, penny round, arabesque and 3D options. Together with finishes in honed, polished, matt, ribbed and/or a combination of them all. Many homeowners are creating beautiful bathrooms and kitchens with this range of tile mosaics. Either for splash backs, or feature walls – marble mosaic tiles are a masterpiece.

3. Porcelain

Mosaic tiles made from porcelain are great to use for flooring options. This is because porcelain is tough, scratch and water resistant and easy to maintain. Porcelain mosaic tiles are also great for use in smaller areas such as entries, and bathroom and laundry floors. Additionally, you can add a striking feature wall in all your wet areas to create drama and interest. Because they are priced per square metre, you can tile a whole feature wall and do the flooring as well for a fraction of the cost of other tiles. Especially at the prices we offer at TFO.

4. Combination Mix

For a contemporary or industrial style, you can choose from the myriad of mosaic tile combinations. These include marble mixed with glass and metals or glass mixed with natural stones and resin. As well as being in all the latest shapes, finishes and sizes. Furthermore, mosaic tiles offer you a fusion of textures and designs. This gives you absolute freedom to create luxurious living spaces, inside and out.

We at TFO carry a fabulous range of the latest styles for the cheapest prices in Sydney. Visit us today or pay the price! Or buy mosaic tiles online now.