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Quality Carrara And Other Marble Tiles At Sydney’s Lowest Prices

Marble Tiles Sydney, marble has been valued for milleniums for its elegance and timeless beauty. Thus marble tile installations can take home design from medicore to magnificent. But what puts marble at the  top of its class?

Marble is a natural stone, therefore no two tiles are exactly alike. This means that every installation will be unique.  Moreover, stone means durability, hence the expression “solid as a rock”. What is more, marble is supremely adaptable. It can enhance a rustic look, or create a sleek modern feel.

For marble tiles in Sydney, stop by our TFO showroom and peruse our premium selection of top quality, competitively priced marble tiles, or check out our collection online and compare prices. But first, consider some of the options available to you. Marble Tiles Sydney.

Our collection features highly prized Carrara marble which is named after the world famous Italian city reknowned for quarries producing this most highly valued marble. These blue-grey veined natural stone tiles, have been a top pick for centuries. Unlike other types of flooring, time is kind to stone tiles. Therefore, you will find that marble tiles in your Sydney home will actually increase in beauty as they age. How is that possible? The wear of foot traffic gradually increases the shine on the tiles. Moreover, this will in turn, reveal subtle hues and new streaks and stria of colour.

But there is more. We also feature a choice line of Sahara and pyramid tumbled marble Egyptian pavers. Where might these contribute to your design? Pavers are generally used outdoors, but you may also see them in retaining walls. You may see these marble tiles and pavers in Sydney courtyards, garden walkways, patios, decks, balconies, and even surrounding pools. What effect does the tumbling process create? It gives your tile installation a rustic, antique look. You will also find the colour more subdued, due to the tumbling process.

In addition to the design benefits, marble tiles in Sydney homes will actually increase the overall value of your home.

TIPS: As mentioned, marble is a natural stone. Therefore every tile will be one of a kind in its pattern and colour. This can be a headache when matching tiles to your decor. Is there a work around? Try laying out the tiles on the floor first to get an initial look before installing them. Second, make sure your tiles all come from the same batch to maximize the similiarities. Third, never use a harsh detergent to clean your tiles. Mild detergent or products especially made to clean marble will prolong the beauty of your tiles.

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