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Tiles – Most Popular Colours

We have a range of different coloured tiles available at TFO Tile Factory Outlet, including neutral coloured, red, blue, white, beige tiles and many other variations.

Neutral coloured tiles at TFO Tile Factory Outlet are of the highest quality, with an attractive neutral coloured ceramic coating.

Neutral coloured tiles go very well in modern households. The living space in many Australian households now use neutral coloured tiles due to their soft, relaxing feeling.

Neutral coloured is also suitable for the majority of tiling needs. Neutral coloured blends well with other colours and if you do not want to take risks with your decorations then neutral coloured tiles are a safe bet. Some try with a darker coffee color vein.  These tiles are suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms and other household rooms.

For those of you wanting a more extravagant look we have a wide selection of other prominent colours for your perusal.

To browse our selection of neutral coloured tiles or other warm shades please come along and see us at our store in Smithfield.  We will be able to show you our range of different colours and their slight variations along with advice on what type of tiles are likely to best fit your specific requirements.

You will not find a shortage of neutral coloured tiles at Tile Factory Outlet!  Or tiles of any colour for that matter!  We have over 350,000 m2 available for same-day pickup by residential and commercial customers alike.  We also have special pallet prices available if you would like to order in bulk.

Alternatively, browse the stock that we currently have on offer and compare prices using our online store.  Our online store has the latest stock levels and is updated on a regular basis with new tiles as they are available.

Whatever you colour requirements we are confident that we have what you need right here at TFO Tile Factory Outlet.

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2 thoughts on “Tiles – Most Popular Colours

  1. Great post! I never knew that neutral coloured colored tiles had that many benefits. Also it’s great how you guys never run out of tiles! It makes everything so much easier and convenient.

  2. I love red color, so I would really love my bathroom to be red. I’ve always wanted a red bathroom. I would decorate it with red tiles and neutral coloured tiles. It would look fantastic.
    What do you think?