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Red Interiors – Make Your Red Come Alive

What does the colour red interiors bring to mind? Anger? A ripe, juicy tomato? The flushed cheeks of a blushing child? Perhaps that and a host of other things. It is likewise with your home décor. Too much red interiors can seem aggressive, whereas too little can seem out of place. So how can you “tame the flames” and make red work for you?

Accessorize Don’t Antagonize

Red is a good colour for accents. Why? It can draw attention to the solitary candle adorning your corner table, the mosaic tile border lining the wall, or a small throw pillow lounging on your sofa. In short, it entices the eye to look at objects that might otherwise go unnoticed. By such “accessorizing” of your décor, you can highlight what you want to stand out, without “antagonizing” your guests with a conflagration of red everywhere, essentially clubbing them over the head with it.

The colour red interiors, just like a red-hot object, requires careful, well-planned use to get it right. Moreover, as with all colours, there is a wide range of reds to choose from. What can help you make the right choice?

Consider Your Colour Style

Do you prefer a country style for your home? For such a décor the professionals recommend softer, chalkier hues of red. What kinds of reds are those? Primarily those drawn from a typical country scene. Imagine the pinkish and purplish reds that are present in the skin of a ripening apple. Consider the red of the barn. From these images come the shades of red colour to give your country style just the right feel.

Going for a more old-fashioned feel? Then try a burgundy, maroon, or a brick red.

Feeling bold? Use red splashback tiles in your kitchen. It has even been said that red stimulates the appetite.

Whether for a subtle accent or for a bold design feature, you can use red interiors to your advantage.

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