Customer Service Policy’s mission is to provide you with a wide selection of the products, services, and materials you desire. In addition, it is our mission to present the latest and most accurate information available. We aim to accomplish these goals by serving as the most convenient access point for acquiring the materials and information you seek, as well as by making organizations and members of the community aware of products and services offered by

To this end, continually endeavors to provide excellence in customer service, which means having knowledgeable providers at the ready to assist visitors in finding the services and/or materials they need and desire. Excellence in customer service also includes offering services in a fair, unbiased way, affording everyone respect and courtesy, and asking for such treatment in return.

In providing public service, we emphasize the following:

1. providers will consider every request to be of equal importance, and will afford every patron equal respect.

2. All interactions with patrons will be handled with courtesy, flexibility, and with careful attention given to their needs. When possible, decisions requiring a judgment call will be made in the viewers’ favor.

3. Skilled providers endeavor to fulfill all requests in a timely fashion, using their knowledge of resources. When requests cannot be met immediately, viewers will be presented with alternatives.

4. has rules and procedures which make it possible for resources to be available on an equitable basis. If there are inquiries regarding the existence or purpose of policies, an explanation will be presented or the inquiry will be referred to a supervisor or the director of

5.’s primary goal is to meet the service expectations of viewers and at the same time fulfill the mission. We welcome comments regarding how well viewer expectations are being met.


All viewer requests deserve equal consideration and every viewer deserves equal dignity. providers will seek to fulfill the mission in a manner that provides the best service available. providers acknowledge the rights of viewers to confidentiality. Therefore, providers will not reveal the identity of viewers to a third party.