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220x850mm Bosco Taupe Spanish Timber Look Non-Rectified Porcelain Floor Tile (#1053)

$29 m2

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Why This Tile?

The Bosco timber look tile range by Pamesa is a modern interpretation of classic wood flooring. Innovative technology, which makes these tiles extremely durable, meets the warmth and depth of natural wood. It features a wider than normal plank width, contributing to create a cleaner and more inviting environment. Available in a beautiful pallet of natural colours, you’ll find just the right colour to make your ideal come true.
Suitable surface: Floor
Material: Porcelain
Texture: Natural
Edge: Non-Rectified
Size: 220x850mm

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Suggested Grout – #105 LIMESTONE

This product is designed to resemble wood.
Therefore, colour variation is a characteristic of this product.
Note for the Tiler: Laying longer tiles can be tricky.
To avoid possible lipping issues, we recommend laying on no more than a 80/20 percent ratio (i.e. on a 850mm long tile, the adjacent parallel tiles can begin up to 170mm from either end).
The manufacturer never recommends laying them in a true brick pattern.

*Worried about getting this product home? Don’t be!

We have some cheap delivery solutions that will be offered towards the end of your transaction. For more information on delivery, please go to


Leave your question about this product

Guest ?
15 days 14 hours ago

Are the tiles suitable for an outside veranda

14 days 10 hours ago

Hi there, thanks for your enquiry. These tiles are suitable for outdoors in undercover areas. If the area is not covered, we recommend using an anti slip/R11 tile.

Guest ?
Russell Owen
1 month 25 days ago

Are these tiles water proof. And how much do they reflect the heat from the sun

1 month 22 days ago

Hi there, thanks for your enquiry. All porcelain tiles are waterproof. Lighter colours reflect more of the suns heat where as darker colours retain heat. It is best to choose a mid colour if this is a concern.

Guest ?
4 months 2 days ago

Is Bosco Taupe the only colour that you have on sale in this range? Also, do you deliver to Brisbane or do you have an outlet in Brisbane?
The photo that you have included does not appear to show a tile that is 220 x 850? In the photo it appears to be shorter in length. Can you confirm the dimensions please? Tks.

4 months 1 day ago

Hi there, thanks for your enquiry. The Bosco range comes in Taupe, Moka and Ash colours which are all on sale this month. They are all 220x850mm in size. Please give our office a call on (02) 8728 7800 for more information on delivery to Brisbane or to purchase a sample.

Guest ?
Ron Smith
5 months 12 days ago

Can you pls advise why these particular tiles are recommended for floor only, some other matt tiles are floor & wall ? We were attempting to have a floor & feature wall in same tile. I visited showroom last week & love the colour

5 months 8 days ago

Hi there, thanks for your enquiry. Any porcelain floor tile can be used for floors and walls. Some wall tiles are not able to be used on the floor due to the glazing not being suitable. These timber look tiles are suitable for wall and floor applications.

Guest ?
9 months 21 days ago

Hi – when you say ‘natural variation to look like timber’ – does that mean colour variation, or is the surface varied too? I’ve seen timber look tiles that have a surface like a timber grain and ones where the surface is smooth like normal tiles – trying to work out which these are. Thanks

9 months 16 days ago

Hi there, thanks for your enquiry. Most of our timber look tiles are textured to emulate timber grain including this particular product.

Guest ?
1 year 6 months ago

are they suitable for use in a covered alfresco and entry porch area?

1 year 6 months ago

Hi there, thanks for your enquiry. This tile can be used in undercover areas. However, if you want a more anti-slip factor, you can get R11 anti-slip rated tiles which are available in selected ranges.

Guest ?
1 year 9 months ago

Hello. Do these tiles have a timber grain texture or more uniform? Out of 10, what is the gloss level of these please?

1 year 8 months ago

Thanks for your inquiry. These tiles have a natural variation to look like timber. These tiles do not have any gloss finish and are rated R10.

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