“I was sure these socks were the same color!” Ever had such a sentiment when you thought you had grabbed two black socks just to find out that one was black and the other dark blue? That is the limitation of artificial lights. Socks are easy to change, but your home décor of floor tiles and wall paint—not so easy to change. What can be done to get it right the first time? Lighting ideas for home.

Lighting Ideas For Home – Don’t Rush With Your Brush

Before layering your walls with paint that looked good in your local paint shop, try out a small area first. How? Start by choosing the wall that gets the most light and the wall that gets the least amount of light. Paint an area on each that is about one meter by one meter. For superior results paint two layers and make sure it is on a white background. Then see how it looks over the next few days. For example, how does it look in morning lights? What about noon time? How is it in the artificial lights of the room? Is it all that you had hoped? Or are you shaking your fist at the paint can? This simple test can prevent a color catastrophe. Consider, too, when you will be using the room most. If it will predominately be in the morning, choose the hue that looks best for that time of day. Why is the time of day important?

Get Some Sun

The sun is like a moving light bulb that changes the color of its light as it travels. This is both fascinating and confusing for home decorators. How does the color change? Love that tangerine hue of the sunrise? The warm colors of the morning sun will give your wall color a warmer appearance. However, at noon the light becomes intense and cold, suppressing the warmer colors and intensifying the blue and green hues. Late afternoon and early evening will return to warmer shades.
These light considerations will assistance you in making a good choice for the paint that will complement your floor tiles.

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