Choosing your tiles is only one of the many steps involved in installing fresh new tiles. All too often, people don’t think about choosing the right tiles adhesive. While there are dozens of different tile adhesives to choose from, just a handful of tile glues are the most popular. Below are the three most popular tile adhesives at TFO.

Davco Dustless Powder Mastic

Davco Dustless Powder Mastic is the most popular tiles adhesive sold at TFO. This is a polymer modified cement based tile adhesive. It contains non-slump properties. This therefore, makes it perfect for installing wall tiles and large format tiles. Smooth trowelling and an extended adjustment time of thirty minutes makes it very easy to use. Its versatility makes Powder Mastic the go-to product for virtually all types of tile installations. These include interior and exterior applications, wall and floor tiles, domestic and light commercial projects. As well as flexible and rigid building substrates. It is also good for many types of ceramic and non-porous natural stone tiles. The low cost of this product further ensures that it is the best seller at TFO.

Davco SMP Evo – Tiles Adhesive

Davco has designed Davco SMP Evo for premium stone, marble and porcelain tiles. This product has an enhanced bonding strength. It also has a non-shrink formula. This makes it perfect even for large format natural stones. SMP Evo is suitable in a variety of areas including interior and exterior areas and commercial and domestic homes. It is also suitable for swimming pools, without requiring an additive. Davco SMP Evo is perfect for those who want extra peace of mind to ensure the best outcome for their tiling project.

Davco Ultraflex

Ultraflex is a premium grade, thick or thin bed, rubber modified cement based tiles adhesive. It is suitable for both rigid and flexible substrates. Davco has formulated Ultraflex to adhere to a wide range of tiles. This makes it perfect for interior and exterior, commercial and residential applications. This adhesive has excellent coverage. It also has a great pot life making it an economical product for your job. The mixed mortar remains useable for 1hr 30mins at 20⁰. This therefore, reduces wastage and saves you money. It also cures in 6-8 hours making same-day grouting possible.

Need more assistance? Come visit TFO to find out more about Davco’s adhesives. Here at TFO, you are sure to find the tiles adhesive you need. Moreover, we have a great range of tiles which are sure to impress.