When it comes to grouting tiles, there are a number of things to consider.

1. Pick A Grout Colour That Is Similar To The Tile

2. Pick a grout suitable to use. For domestic use, we recommend Davco sanitised coloured grout. For high traffic areas and lighter coloured grout, we recommend adding grout cure to your Davco sanitised coloured grout. This will help keep grout lines clean and assist in keeping grout lines mould free. For commercial kitchens and areas highly susceptible to dirt and grime, consider epoxy grout. This turns the grout into a product as rigid as the tile itself and thus you will need expansion joints and breakers which are normally hidden under the skirting boards.

3. When you or your tiler are grouting tiles, only work a few meters at a time. Then, clean the excess grout. Cleaning the excess grout the next day may end up in hours of scrubbing labour. This is even more important on outdoor tiles that are rougher in texture and thus harder to clean or with epoxy grout or when grout cure is used.

Follow this simple guide and you will save much time and effort. The team at TFO will be happy to give further advice on grouting tiles if needed. Send us an email at sales@tfo.com.au. We’re open 7 days a week.