If you are planning on having your bathroom floor and wall tiles replaced then you probably already know how expensive it is; roughly 30 dollars per square meter of tile, add on top of that another 40 to 50 dollars per square meter to have them professionally installed. After doing the math you find that for even a decent sized bathroom like the one at your home, it could cost you thousands to replace the tiles. If you want to save money then why not do the job yourself? It is relatively simple to install tiles anyway; you just need to have the right tile adhesive – in fact you want the best floor tile adhesive possible.

Choosing the right kind of adhesive, the best floor tile adhesive for your project, is almost as important as the tiles themselves. If you make a mistake in your choice of adhesive then you have no choice but to dig out the tiles and start all over again, wasting a lot of time and money in the process. So what kind of tile adhesive should you choose for your DIY project?

When choosing tile adhesives, most people almost always go for the cheaper hard tile adhesive, which often costs around 2 dollars per square meter. But if you want your wall and floor tiles to stick on your walls more effectively and be flexible in case you get any structural movement, for just 3 dollars more per square meter, you can make sure that your tiles stay put.

Unlike the normal cement based adhesive, flexible adhesives allow for some expansion and contraction and will prevent most tile cracking. You may not notice it but your house expands during the day with the heat and contracts every night when it is cooler. This constant cycle of expansion and settlement often causes the tiles on your floors and walls to move around as well, and they will eventually crack if you use a regular tile adhesive on them.

So remember, be careful when choosing which tile adhesive to use. Invest in a good flexible adhesive (we have found Davco to be Australia’s best brand) and make your floor and wall tiles last a whole lot longer.

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