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How To Make A Small Bathroom Appear Larger

Since bathrooms are typically on the smaller side, there are many design tips & tricks to make them feel more spacious. See below on how to make a small bathroom appear larger.

10 Tips & Tricks On How To Make A Small Bathroom Appear Larger

  1. Choose white bathroom tiles for the walls and light-coloured floor tiles thereby making the room appear larger. This is because light coloured wall and floor tiles give the illusion of space. As opposed to dark coloured tiles draw your eyes in and make space appear smaller.
  2. Ceilings should always be white or at least a lighter colour than the walls.
  3. Choose gloss, polished or semi-polished bathroom wall tiles as they reflect more light than matt finish tiles. Thus, creating the illusion of space.
  4. The orientation of wall tiles is important as rectangular tiles laid horizontally push out the walls making the room look wider than it really is.
  5. Tile right up to the ceiling. This gives you more reflection, thus making the room appear bigger.
  6. Use a wall-hung vanity to make the space look and feel bigger. This creates more usable floor space.
  7. Create a niche to house your shampoos and soaps. Maybe even two – one in the shower and the other next to your vanity. Niches give you more space and you can choose a fabulous mosaic tile to feature inside them.
  8. Use frameless shower screens to open your space. No messy hobs and cumbersome framed doors.
  9. Choose a compact toilet with clean lines. A standard back to the wall style toilet, or one where the cistern is concealed in the wall cavity. Wall-hung toilets are also a good option, though more expensive.
  10. Finally, install down lights so that your glossy bathroom tiles can pick up the beautiful beams of light. As a result, you will get playful reflections for a spectacular effect.

There’s some great ways on how to make a small bathroom appear larger. Why not come into TFO today and our friendly experienced staff will help you create your dream bathroom.

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