Bathroom Tiles Tips

Bathroom Tiles – Great Tips On Installing

Installing bathroom tiles is something that just about every homeowner can do without the need of a professional. With just a few supplies and some time on your hands, you can update your bathrooms appearance with new sense of elegance and style. If you’re a planning a project like this in the near future, you should read these tips on installing bathroom tiles that I’m about to give you.

One of the most important and oftentimes overlooked parts of installing bathroom tiles is preparing the floor. Chances are you’re going to have to pull up some of the previous laminate or old flooring where you want to lay the tile. It’s crucial that you get up every bit of old flooring, as well as any dirt or debris remnants left behind. If you try to lay bathroom tiles over areas that are still dirty or not properly prepared, your tile may come looking warped or not sticking. Also, be sure the area is completely dry, as moisture trapped underneath the tile can cause pockets of air to form which could eventually destroy your tiling job.

Accurate Measurements

No matter what type of bathroom tiles you ultimately decide on laying, you need to get the necessary measurements. Take out your tape measure and run it from wall-to-wall. Once you have these measurements, you’ll then be able to lay the correct amount of tiles and cut them if needed.

Laying Bathroom Tiles

The easiest part of installing bathroom tile is laying it. As long as you have the correct measurements on hand, you should be able to lay all of the necessary tiles with ease. One of the best tricks to installing bathroom tile is to use plastic spacers which evenly space out your tile by the correct amount. Place these spacers in between each of the tiles until you’ve completed the area.

Different types of bathroom tiles will require different adhesives. Determine which adhesive is best for your situation and begin spreading it on the bathroom floor, followed by pressing the tile over it. It’s best to do this from the back wall working your way forward, as this will allow you to go in and out of the bathroom as you please.


Grouting is an essential part of installing bathroom tiles. Read the label or ask the manufacturer of the tile which type of grout is recommended. Certain types of grout mixtures work better with certain tiles and using the right one will allow your tiling project to withstand the hands of time.

Once your bathroom tile is completely laid out, you need to go over the spaces in between with grout. Now, this part can get messy so go put on an old pair of work jeans and t-shirt you don’t mind getting dirty. When spreading the grout, try to avoid getting any on the tiles, but if you do, wipe it off with a wet towel. Once the grouting is complete, give it a couple days to fully dry before walking on it.

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