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Bathroom Tiles Design – TFO Always Give You The Best Assistance

Bathroom tiles: Nothing compares to tiles for adding personality and practicality to a home. Porcelain tiles can dress up a bathroom, a kitchen, or nearly any room in your home. Your selection of tiles can really lift the look of your bathroom. Without a doubt, bathroom tilesare a key element in creating a dramatic look in your home, but why spend a fortune to get this look? Tile Factory Outlet provides great value porcelain tiles that once laid really boosts the resale value of your most valuable asset, your home. Bathroom tiles design.

Bathroom Tiles Design – Bathroom Design And Tile Basics

Prices of tiles and installation can vary greatly, for example Tile Factory Outlet sells 300x600mm gloss white wall tiles at $9 /m2 yet others charge up to $50 /m2. Wow think of the savings on your bathroom. You could pocket the savings or why not upgrade to a double loaded polished porcelain with Nano preseal even if you went for one of the best brand names, you could buy these from $12-15 /m2 depending on the pattern and colour. Many homeowners are unaware of the wide array of patterns, designs, and appearances that bathroom tiles are capable of.

Why not inspect all the colours and prices on TFO’s online store?  While a simple one or two color tile design is generally easy enough to plan yourself, the options available with combining different tile materials can get complicated pretty quickly and might require some professional assistance (you could spend a lot of money on a color consultant). However if you ring TFO Sydney on (02) 8728 7800 and make an appointment, one will be provided free of charge.

For example one customer, used this free service and decided on stone floor tiles for his bathroom, it gave an elegant and classic addition to his bathroom. His friend thinks he spent a fortune. When you add in different installation techniques, different colored grout and tile adhesive, it is easy to see how complicated the project can become. However the staff and skilled designers at Tile Factory Outlet will be happy to provide you with great ideas that suit your home.

TFO Tile Factory Outlet specializes in bathroom tiles. Learn more about bathroom tiles at or buy directly online at the TFO online tile shop.

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