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Bathroom Design & Tile Ideas

While no particular tile design is going to work in every setting, these bathroom tile ideas are sure to get the ball rolling for your project. Here are some great ideas for your bathroom:

  • Use tile as a trim or splashback with materials such as, marble or some other type of mosaics.
  • Set floor tiles on a diagonal pattern. (For this allow 15% for cutting rather than the 10% wastage with the straight tile method).
  • Choose large format tiles as they will make any room optically look bigger. As a guide try to pick floor tiles no smaller than 300x300mm and wall tiles no smaller than 300x600mm.
  • Tile on window sills and ledges to create waterproof areas that require no painting.
  • Choose the colour of the edge trim and natural stone mosaics to complement your bathroom sink or vanity, and then reverse the scheme elsewhere in the room, such as in the shower.
  • Create a focal point by setting a design of natural stone mosaics in a vertical direction on one or two walls (Vertical borders tend not to confine the space). Choose two complementary colours that work with a third neutral background colour. Create vertical borders from mosaics that run through the bathtubs in the bathroom. Check out other tile options like bathroom tiles made of glass or porcelain.

    Whether it’s creating a tile design for your bathroom floor, shower, walls, or splashback. Whether it’s finding the right tile manufacturer to deliver affordable and durable tiling materials you should remember it will all be worthwhile once you have finished. Happy bathroom tiling.

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    1 thought on “Bathroom Design & Tile Ideas

    1. hI,

      We have 3 bathrooms that we have already got white oblong wall tiles for and cream porcelain floor tiles but we need dado or edge tiles in a contrasting colour (black/Khaki/brown/dark grey whatever?). We cannot find them on your website- do you have them?