Selecting bathroom tiles is not as tough as you think. Since there are many types of bathroom tiles, most home owners find it hard to select the best tiles for their bathroom. To assist you in this area here are some basic tips that can help you know which type of bathroom tile will be best for your bathroom. Are you wanting bathroom feature tiles?

Tiles can make a huge difference to the entire appearance of your home. It can make your house more elegant and improve the value of the whole house. The main type of bathroom tiles are ceramic and porcelain. Bathroom tiles also vary depending on their size and colour.

Dark coloured bathroom tiles can make your bathroom seem smaller. If you have a small bathroom, using light coloured tiles is advisable. The typical examples of these are the white, beige, or pastel coloured shades. With light coloured bathroom tiles, the appearance looks spacious because of the light reflection. Another way of making a small bathroom look bigger is to use polished porcelain. These tiles have a high level of light reflectivity. If you prefer to utilize white tiles, you can simply add several colours as a feature, maybe a vertical border of travertine or marble through the wall tiles.

Purchasing Bathroom Tiles Is Quite Simple Provided That You Know The Basics

Ceramics: Go for a grade 3 floor tile or above. A PEI grade of 3 should give you many years of durability on bathroom floors. Also ensure that the floor is darker than the walls, (preferably a contrast) as it’s nearly imposable to get a matching floor tile to a wall tile. Check your tile with water for non slip factors as even a matt finish can get slippery. Check how hard it will be to clean. For the walls may we recommend large format tiles in a gloss. Why? Matt finish ceramic tiles can be tricky to keep clean with soap scum and large format tiles give you less grout in any bathroom. This means fewer lines and less places mould can build up. So large format glossy tiles will make your room look bigger and should result in less mould.

Glazed Porcelain: Glazed porcelain is similar to the above info for ceramics except most glazed porcelain tiles are durable enough for a bathroom as they are fired at a very high temperature. They also are better than ceramics as they have a whiter biscuit and better glaze. This means glazed porcelain is harder to chip and if you do it’s a white colour rather than a red colour like most ceramics. Another advantage is many glazed porcelain tiles are rectified.

What is a rectified tile? This means that each tile is fired then cut down so that the size is uniform. It also takes out the rounded edge, giving a much sharper edge. This is great if you wish to reduce the size of your grout joints.

Polished Porcelain: This is by far the most popular tile used in bathrooms in Sydney. Why? This is because polished porcelain reflects a lot of light. It is normally unglazed which makes it almost impossible to chip once laid (if you can’t get under the edge). It has now overcome its main draw back by developing Nano preseal. This makes the cleaning of this tile much easier.

Not that Nano is the complete answer. Some things may still get through like some brands of whiteboard markers. However this, added to the amazing density, durability, light reflectivity and surprising lack of slipperiness when wet, makes polished porcelain the best choice for bathrooms. Polished porcelain can make any bathroom look double its size. How? First you can use the same colour on the walls and floors. Polished porcelain is made in sizes 600x600mm and 800x800mm which are too big for a bathroom in Australia that requires a fall to the floor waste to allow the water to drain.

(If you wish to use bigger tiles, your tiler will probably recommend to use a floor grate) However many importers like Tile Factory Outlet have asked the factories to cut them down to workable sizes 300x300mm for the floors and 300x600mm for the walls. Now as you can use the same colour it will help optically to enlarge the room. Add to this the up to 90% light reflectivity and you have a tile that will lighten, brighten and optically enlarge any bathroom.

We hope this information is of help in choosing bathroom tiles or bathroom feature tiles. Why not come into TFO and ask our helpful staff to demonstrate these basic principles of tiles to you. After that we feel confident you will agree with us and post your comments on our blog upon completion of your renovation​ of bathroom feature tiles.