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Epoxy Grouting – The “Sticking Points”

Epoxy is heralded as the hero of grouts. Are there any downsides to this much lauded grout?

Losing Your “True Colors”

Tiles are porous. Therefore if you have unglazed tiles the epoxy grout could cause serious discoloration. The solution? Seal your tiles first to protect them, especially if you are using stone tiles. Always test the tile installation you will be installing the epoxy grout on to make sure that none of the epoxy will be absorbed by the tiles. What happens if care is not taken and the tile finish has been diminished? It is impossible to restore the finish of porous tiles after epoxy grout has been absorbed by them.

Slim Pickings in the Pocket

With all its benefits you could logically expect that epoxy grout is generally more expensive then traditional grout and therefore the overall cost of your tiling project should be taken into consideration allowing for the price of the epoxy.

Be Nimble and Quick

Generally, epoxy grout is quick setting. This means that once you mix it, going off to have a coffee and a donut is out of the question. You have a limited time to get it all in place before it becomes stiff and no longer usable. However, the newest generation of epoxy grouts have a few tricks up their sleeves, giving a little more leeway when it comes to setting time. Nevertheless, be nimble and be quick when applying epoxy.

Dazed by the Haze

What happens if epoxy grout haze is allowed to dry on your tiles? In the case of traditional grout haze, you could grab a bucket of water, some vinegar and put your back into it to get the haze off. Not so with epoxy haze.

If the epoxy haze is not removed in time, a bucket of water simply won’t do. Strong chemical strippers are needed with the added disadvantage that the properly installed grout can also be damaged by the stripper. Some homeowners have just decided it is better to simply retile the entire installation.

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