Davco Waterproofing

K10 Plus Davco Waterproofing

At TFO we know that you need, not only premium quality tiles, but top quality accessories to make your tile installation a success, characterized by durability and long lasting beauty.

For many tile installations this means using a waterproofing membrane. Without it, areas such as showers and other frequently wet areas will develop mold and insidiously destroy the underlying substructure. But not all waterproofing products are made equal.

The experts at TFO recommend Davco waterproofing, K10 Plus. Davco has been Australia’s premier name in tile adhesives and waterproofing products. Available in green or grey, this single pack water based waterproofing membrane will suit your tile installation needs for both indoor and outdoor projects such as showers, bathrooms, terraces and balconies.

Besides being a high quality product, Davco waterproofing also provides other benefits:

  • This is a liquid applied waterproofing membrane, and for that reason it outshines its sheet membrane counterparts. How so? Sheet membranes have seams, but there can be areas of weakness that may tend to fail.However, a liquid membrane is seamless and retains its integrity with no areas of failure.
  • K10 Plus also tops other waterproofing products in that there is no solvent release. This is an advantage to the health of the person applying it since the air is not laden with dangerous fumes during the process. Moreover, it even allows applicators to work in confined spaces.
  • Worried about damaging your beautiful marble tiles? Fear no more! K10 Plus does not stain tiles or marble.
  • After applying one coat, this K10 Plus dries in 2-4 hours, ready for the second coat.
  • The durability of Davco’s K10 Plus eliminates the need for a reinforcing layer.
  • Environmentally friendly in that the leftover product can be stored and re-used, thus reducing the pressure of waste on the environment.
  • Being available in two colours allows quick identification of the coating.

TFO’s commitment to quality means that even our choice of adhesives and waterproofing products are top of the line, yet we maintain our determination to bring them to you at the lowest prices.

Before starting your next tile installation, stop by our Sydney TFO showroom and check out Davco Waterproofing K10 Plus, then browse our selection of premium quality tiles. Not in Sydney? Visit our online tile store and compare prices to see the amazing savings available to you!

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  • Angelo Di Genua June 1, 2017, 7:30 pm

    I want to put travertine on an exterior Bessel block wall not rendered but is smooth
    Do I need to waterproof the wall first and what adhesive would you recommend

    • The Guys at TFO June 2, 2017, 7:30 pm

      Hi there, thanks for your enquiry. This all depends on where the wall is, if it is a freestanding wall, there is no need for water proofing. We recommend SMP Evo adhesive for all natural stone. We also recommend sealing this product to keep it protected. As I do not know your exact application requirements, please give the office a call on (02) 8728 7800 and speak with Linley or Gino.

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