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Adhesives and Sealers – Lay Tiles the Right Way, Choose the Right Adhesives

Tile Factory Outlet is Sydney’s premier outlet for quality top brand name tiles.  TFOTM carries over 100,000 /m2 of tiles from manufacturers around the world, and specialise in Adhesives, Sealers and Grouts – everything you need for your next tiling project.

TFO stocks market leading adhesive brand ParexDavco, an international company which has 48 operations across the globe, with leading market positions in France, Argentina, USA, Australia and Spain.

ParexDavco produces the exclusive dustless technology which takes the mess out of tiling and also delivers environmental benefits. The exclusive Dustless technology prevents clouds of dust from being created during the tile adhesive mixing process which helps to contain mess to one area.

The TFO range includes:  

  • Tile adhesives – Flexible adhesives, Cement based, Premixed, and Two Part –  a wide range to suit all your needs
  • Coloured Grouts –  a beautiful range of coloured grouts to match your tiles
  • Waterproofing Systems – for bathrooms and decks

If you require any technical information or need help choosing a grout colour, call the toll free hot line on 1800 653 347 and speak to one of ParexDavco representative.

Sealers and Cleaners:

The range of sealers and cleaners TFO stocks are from Sure Seal®, an Australian owned and operated company.

The products are easy to apply, dry quickly and are ideal for both the professional contractor and the “DIY” handyman.  One of the popular products is the Sure Seal Grout and Tile aerosol sealer which seals both dry and damp grout lines between tiles including ceramic tiles.The sealers are invisible upon application and therefore if you overspray to the surrounding tiles it will not cause any haze or yellowing.

These sealers are suitable for both interior and exterior surfaces. Sealers can be applied on polished and unpolished porcelain tiles, travertine tiles, marble tiles, granite, terracotta, sandstone and terracotta tiles.  Using the sealers will not change the appearance or texture of the treated surface. If you want to intensity the sheen, Sure Seal EZY AS 1.2.3 is a sheen based impregnator allowing you to choose the level of sheen in easy steps. One coat – low sheen, two coats – semi gloss and three coats for full gloss finish.

The beauty of natural stone tiles is enhanced by using appropriate sealers, giving them a longer lasting surface which is protected against oil and water stains.


For the easiest and most effective application, use Lambswool Applicator Complete with Handle. The professional grade applicator (230x75mm) is removable and washable. The metal handle is extendable making it easy for anyone to apply anywhere. Contact us now for its current price now.

Visit TFO today for all your tiling needs or buy your adhesives, sealers and grouts now online at outlet prices.

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