June 2014

Mable Tiles Sydney

Marble has been valued for milleniums for its elegance and timeless beauty. Thus marble tile installations can take home design from medicore to magnificent. But what puts marble at the  top of its class? Marble is a natural stone, therefore no two tiles are exactly alike. This means that every installation will be unique.  Moreover Read More

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Bathroom Tiles Sydney

One room in the house that gets a lot of attention when building or renovating is the bathroom.  Probably the most important and costly decision that you’re going to make is what type of bathroom tiles to buy and where to get them. Don’t be fooled, if you’ve looked around at high end bathroom tile Read More

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Bathroom Tiles Online

It’s Saturday, you’ve just pumped out a 50-hour week at work. You still had to wake up reasonably early this morning and mow the lawn.  You’ve just walked out of the shower, cracked a nice cold beer and flicked on the sports channel. “Hey darling, we need to go down to the tile shop and Read More

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Bathroom Tiles for Sale

EXTRA, EXTRA, read all about it! Bathroom tiles for sale, that’s right folks, bathroom tiles for sale at Sydney’s lowest prices, get them while they last. No doubt you wouldn’t buy your bathroom tiles out the back of a truck on the side of a street, would you? However,  some very exciting news for anyone Read More

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Timber Look Floor Tiles

Everybody wants to have warm, stylish and modern looking floor coverings and a lot of people believe that a timber floor is the only way to accomplish this. But what about the environment? Have you ever thought about where the timber comes from and how much it costs the environment for you to have your Read More

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Stack Stone Installation

Stack stone is very quickly becoming the number one go to product when wanting a stylish, rustic and modern feature wall covering for either inside or outside your home. But what about proper stack stone installation, after all if your going to go to the effort of installing a feature wall you want to do Read More

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Timber Tiles Sydney

Everyone loves the look, feel and warmth of a timber floor. That elegance when you walk into the room, it’s like it’s too good to touch. Well, you’re actually right. As warm and elegant as timber flooring is, it’s not very hardy. The moment you finish laying a timber floor, it starts to weather. It’s Read More

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Travertine Floor Tiles Sydney

You want to build a home, not just a house. But how do you go about doing that? You want to make your home warm, friendly and inviting, and a great place to start is in your choice of floor tiles. Travertine floor tiles are definitely becoming a number one choice when looking for that Read More

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