Stackstone – The Rugged Beauty of Natural Stones

TFO™ also known as Tile Factory Outlet, is well known for quality stackstone imported from around the worldLarge volumes are imported direct from the manufacturers so that the low prices are passed on to you.

 Stackstone or otherwise known as manufactured stone cladding, culture stone or stacker stone, are individually stacked pieces of real natural stone into handy 150x600mm sized panels that are available in a mixture of colours, sizes and thicknesses.

Stackstone cladding can revive any lifeless area of a home. It is most commonly used on exterior walls as landscape features, around facades, columns, barbecues, garage doors, retaining walls and as a backdrop for cascading pool water features. While thicker stackstones are popular additions for exterior walls, smoother stackstone with much less thickness variation is well suited for internal applications around fire places and at the front of breakfast bars. Stackstones use as a feature wall cladding is endless and will really compliment areas lush in greenery. Stackstone is a popular choice among many Sydney siders as it is an architectural element that adds value to any home.

Types and sizes of Stackstones

There are many different types of stackstone or cladding made from many natural stones such as slate, quartz, marble, granite, lava stone and blue stone to name a few. There’s no doubt that its popularity stems from its versatility, durability and its aesthetic enhancement to any landscape. The pieces of stone are in most cases used in a natural finish and arranged more commonly in Z shaped montage blocks or arranged into random brick patterns to replicate stone naturally occurring around waterfalls. To tidy up the edges or corners of stackstone walls, mitre the edges of the stack stone on a 45 degree angle to create a seamless edge or frame the stackstone in your choice of tile trim for a clean cut modern finish.

 TFO’s range of stackstone cladding is extensive with colours ranging from glistening white quartz and soft cream marbles for classic ornamental stackstone wall designs to rustic browns engulfed in rich reds and flecks of sunset orange for outback inspired terrain, and grey, silver and black quartz for the monochromatic at heart.

Maintenance of stackstone cladding on interior and exterior walls is necessary if you want to maintain its natural beauty. While there are many products in the market to seal the pores of stackstone, sealing with Sure Seal Impregnating Sealer can be easily applied by aerosol can or brush application with minimal effort and will protect your wall cladding from stains. For more exterior wall cladding ideas speak to our experienced sales team or to add an architectural touch to your home now, visit our online tile store and buy your Stackstones external wall cladding or visit TFO today.


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