Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic Tiles – Brighten Up Your Home

Express your personality with a dazzling array of mosaic tiles. Mosaic tiles have been loved by people around the world for centuries to decorate churches, palaces and public buildings. Colourful displays of mosaics with beautiful mosaic patterns have also been used in private homes to decorate and jazz up bathrooms, kitchens and feature walls.

The possibilities are virtually unlimited. So many types of materials are used to create beautiful mosaics. The materials used include coloured glass, stainless steel, porcelain and a variety of natural stone pieces such as marble and travertine. Shapes and lengths of pieces also widely vary giving unique character to each combination.

TFO stocks one of the biggest ranges of mosaic tiles in Sydney. They are carefully chosen from thousands of variations available. Where suitable combinations are not found, we have gone out of our way to create just what Sydneysiders are looking for. Unlike other stores, our stocks are available on site, so that you can purchase them and pick them up straight away.

Mosaic tiles for bathrooms

A bathroom is one of the most common areas where mosaics are used to add that special touch.  Mosaic tiles can add beautiful character to an otherwise bland room. Some choose to turn one whole wall into a feature with an entire wall of mosaics to add a striking definition to the room while others use a vertical or horizontal strip of mosaics to add spice to the room.  Many even choose to use mosaics for their bathroom splashbacks and they create their own designer splashbacks with beautiful glass mosaic patterns. The splashback colours or the colours of the mosaics should complement the colours used on the floor or walls.

Mosaic tiles for a kitchen splashback

Kitchen splashbacks are another popular way to use mosaic tiles in the home. Instead of having a stainless steel splashback, people are loving creating their own unique splashback design with mosaics. Many are after their own designer splashbacks, and with hundreds of mosaics to choose from, you are sure to find just the right mosaics for your kitchen splashback. By using well-chosen mosaic tiles for your kitchen splashback, you can turn it into a feature wall, the centre of attention in the whole area. If you want to add a classic warm feel, choose natural stones such as travertine and marble. On the other hand, if you want to make it contemporary, make use of mosaics featuring stainless steel or coloured glass pieces.  We have other great splashback ideas for you, just come in and talk with us.


Installation of mosaic tiles is relatively easy, so it can be your next DIY project. For an easy and quick installation however, we recommend Davco Glass Mosaic additive. The additive can turn the grout into glue, so instead of 2 processes (installing and grouting), you can do it all in one single process!

Maintenance and care

Most mosaic tiles are made of durable materials. However, when they are used in wet areas such as a bathroom or kitchen where they are exposed to elements, it’s worth the extra mile to protect them. One of the best ways is to seal the grout. Sealing the grout can make grout joints resistant to water damage and discolouring. If the mosaics are made of natural stones, its particularly important to seal them too.

So come visit TFO. We have a huge range of mosaics that will astound you.  Our staff are also eager to assist you whether it be for splashback ideas for your splashbacks in your Sydney home or for any other aspect in your tiling project, we are here to help.


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