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People will tell you ceramics have been around for hundreds of years and they would be right. Ceramics are known for their beauty and colours. Australia is made up of people from many nations and so when searching for floor and wall tiles many people type ceramic tiles into their search engines.

We at Tile Factory Outlet have a large range of ceramic tiles. However, they are not our most special tiles. We have highly trained staff at TFO and we find that most people who come looking for ceramics are pleasantly surprised that porcelain tiles are not much more expensive.

Our trained staff can help explain why you should at least look at porcelain tiles. They will explain the difference between Ceramic Tiles and Porcelain Tiles. They are very similar in appearance, they’re both made from clay and undergo a similar baking process. Ceramic tiles are more absorbent as they are made from porous clay, usually red, brown or white clay with a glaze on top. They are typically less expensive, easy to cut and easy to clean and maintain. Perfect for small renovation jobs and DIY projects. Sizes are limited as they are made in pre-determined size molds. While many porcelain tiles are rectified (a word meaning they have been cut down to size allowing for smaller grout joints), ceramic tiles though normally have a rounded edge which some tilers prefer if the slab is not level.

Porcelain tiles are made from selected refined clay and are pressed before baking at a much higher temperature than ceramic tiles. Therefore porcelain tiles are less absorbent, stain resistant, frost resistant, the colour often runs through the whole tile and they are easy to clean. However they are harder to cut and are more expensive.

Porcelain tiles are a better choice for new home renovations and larger commercial projects where a better performing product is needed. In Sydney where property is so expensive, we would highly recommend you consider porcelain tiles over ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles are manufactured with more advanced technology producing an incredible range of colours, sizes and styles such as stone-look, marble-look, cement-look and the very new and popular timber-look. Porcelain tiles come in polished, semi-polished, matt, honed, brushed, rockface and glazed, providing the perfect solution to every surface of your project.

TFO offers a comprehensive range of both Ceramic tiles and Porcelain tiles all at reduced prices. In fact, you will be amazed that the prices of our top quality porcelain tiles are less than the normal ceramic tile prices of other retailers.

Visit our TFO showroom in Sydney today or go to our online tile store to see our huge range of ceramic tiles and other quality products.


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