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Travertine French Pattern – Feel The Breath Of A European Classic

Travertine French pattern is considered as a prime solution for those who want a pattern to their natural stone flooring. This is the reason why Travertine french pattern came into market and has become a favorite, be it in indoor or outdoor. Consumers want to have a wonderful design of the flooring and not just the ordinary straight design.

The French pattern could either be tile or pavers. The tile is used for indoor while the pavers are used for outdoors. Travertine French patterns may come with chiseled, tumbled and straight edge.

The French pattern is available in a bundle composed of one piece of 16 x 24, two pieces pattern of 16 x 16, one piece of 8 x 16 pattern and 2 pieces of pattern that is 8×8. If you want a set, then it is equal to twice the bundle. There are companies who will tell you to buy a complete set of 16 square feet.

Turkey’s contribution in the travertine tiles market is indisputable. Travertine quarrying sites located in Turkey have excited us with its texture and colours that are really unique. The Anatolian civilization paved the way to make travertine a part of architecture, culture and life. This natural stone has beauty and strength that is unmatchable.

Travertine French pattern is really a wonderful contribution to the tile market. Tiles must be thankful that it has made their work easier. Homeowners must be thankful that the installation costs would also be lessened. At least, both benefit from the French pattern.

Hence, with the growing tile market comes innovations, no growth will come without new ideas. Travertine French pattern has indeed made its way to the market, thus allowing it to be enjoyed by many more people, not just the very wealthy.

Travertine French pattern is such a boost in tiling. Thanks to Turkey and thanks to whoever has helped to make it more affordable.

You can find Travertine tile and pavers at or visit TFO’s showroom in Sydney.

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4 thoughts on “Travertine French Pattern – Feel The Breath Of A European Classic

  1. Hi – I love the look of the travetine shown in the photo above the words “Travertine French Pattern – Feel the Breath of a European Classic”. Can you please tell me what colour it is, how much it is (paver or tile) and whether you have it in stock. Can we see it on display. We need approx 90m2. Thanking you. Natalia

  2. Hi,
    Do you have travertine (miletus) french pattern with size of 900x600x15 – 600x600x15 -600x300x15 -300x300x15 in color cream mega set tumbled about 26sqm. Also, I will need 20sqm of similar stock and color but only one size of 406x406x10 – 20sqm.
    What is your price per sqm. ? What would be the cost of delivery to Clovelly for two pallets of 25 sqm each?
    Also, would you have tilers that experience in the above that you can recommend me, if yes, please provide me with their contact details.
    Your prompt respond will be much appreciated as I need to buy them and deliver before mid March. You might contact me on 0421 646 573 any time.
    Regards. Maria