TFO Vehicle Loading Policy

Your order may only be collected in full or at a minimum of one full pallet at a time. According to the RMS Safety & Compliance CoR, all vehicles must be fit for purpose of both conveying and adequately securing the type of goods loaded. To comply with this, the following applies:

  • Pallets of tiles will only be loaded onto tray top utilities or trucks with clear unhindered forklift access.
  • Trailers and towing vehicle must both be rated to carry the load intended. Please note that unbraked trailers are limited to 750KG GVM, therefore carrying a maximum 500kg load.
  • Pantech style trucks and barn door vans will require restraining points suitable for securing the pallet to be forklift loaded otherwise they will need to be manually self-loaded.
  • Style side utilities and top hinged door vans cannot be forklift pallet loaded and will need to be manually self-loaded.
  • Passenger vehicles will only be allowed to self-load to a maximum of 240kg. i.e. An empty sedan may carry a maximum of 7 boxes of 32kg per box in addition to the driver.
  • Manual loading of the vehicle is the driver’s responsibility, TFO staff are there to assist if need be.

If the vehicle is not fit for purpose it will NOT be loaded as TFO cannot be complicit with any possible breach of NSW Road Safety Laws.