Stack stone and also ledgestone, instantly improve the appearance of any internal or external living area or landscape. They are some of the most popular materials to enhance a commercial property or a home’s architectural facade. Stack stone as well as ledgestone is made up of individually stacked pieces of different types of stone like Read More

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Stacked Stone Fireplace TFO

From time immemorial, the crackling glow of fireplaces have warmed not only homes but hearts. Close-knit families have gathered about it, and lovers have made vows before it. Even in homes where such notions are now considered old-fashioned, a fireplace still stands as a silent memorial to natural, aesthetic beauty. So how can you help Read More

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Install Wall Cladding

One of the best ways to dress up exterior walls is to install stone wall cladding or stackstone tiles as many call it. The natural rustic look of stone wall cladding certainly adds depth and class to the appearance of your home. While many people get contractors to install stone wall cladding, others decide to Read More

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Stacking Stone Tiles

Humans have had a long relationship with stones since early civilization millenniums ago. It must be this familiarity with natural stones that attracts us all to the beauty of stones even now. Stones come in innumerable types of colours, patterns and characteristics. People love natural stones for their warmth, versatility and authenticity. One of the Read More

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Stone Wall Cladding Sydney

Don’t just follow everyone else, create a unique feature wall and make a statement. There are many elements that can make your home unique. The use of a well-executed feature wall can truly transform your home into a beautiful environment, which would impress everyone. Stone Wall Cladding Sydney is one of the most popular and effective materials used to decorate feature walls. Now can Read More

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Stack Stone Sydney

One thing many properties lack when they are built new – is the warmth and the sophisticated look of a mature home. How unpleasant it would be if your home is unwelcoming and has a cold feel. Well, we certainly have the solution you will need if you feel that your home needs that edge Read More

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Stack Stone Installation

Stack stone is very quickly becoming the number one go to product when wanting a stylish, rustic and modern feature wall covering for either inside or outside your home. But what about proper stack stone installation, after all if your going to go to the effort of installing a feature wall you want to do Read More

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Stack Stone

Stack stone is known by a few names like ‘stone wall cladding’ or ‘stacked stone’ to mention just two.  It is however, becoming one of Australia's most popular feature wall styles. As the name suggests, stack stone is made of tiny varying pieces of stone, stacked on top of each other. However, a brand new Read More

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Stacked stone or otherwise known as Culture Stone is a fast growing trend for use externally on facades, columns, water features as cladding and internally on feature walls and fireplaces. There are many different types of Stacked stone available made from slate, quartz, marble, granite, lava stone, blue stone and soon to be released stone Read More

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If you would like to add a warm feel, a little personality or some texture to your home décor, then stone cladding may be the choice for you. But first, what exactly is stone cladding? In short, stone cladding is a three-dimensional interior or exterior covering made up of cut stone pieces “stacked”. They generally Read More

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