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Calacatta Marble Look Porcelain

When speaking of Italian marble tiles, nothing comes close to the dramatic personality of Calacatta marble. While this type of marble is only found in a small area of Italy, it is one of the most sought after marbles around the world because of its unforgettable look. While many confuse it with Carrara marble which Read More

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Marble Tile Bathroom

When it comes to renovating or tiling your new bathroom, you face tough decisions on selecting the right tiles to use.  Marble is a luxurious way to go.  But along with choosing a colour and design, you also need to give thought to how much of your bathroom you are going to cover in tiles.  Read More

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Marble Floor Tiles Sydney

Buy luxurious marble floor tiles at Sydney’s lowest prices at Tile Factory Outlet. Marble floor tiles have been used as premium building materials for centuries in Europe. Marble floor tiles have long been a symbol of affluence and sophistication, influencing architecture in Europe and around the world. Now, many modern buildings make use of classic Read More

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Mable Tiles Sydney

Marble has been valued for milleniums for its elegance and timeless beauty. Thus marble tile installations can take home design from medicore to magnificent. But what puts marble at the  top of its class? Marble is a natural stone, therefore no two tiles are exactly alike. This means that every installation will be unique.  Moreover Read More

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Carrara Marble Tiles

As you sit back and sip your morning espresso, a pleasant breeze sweeps across the elegant grey and black veins of your brand new Italian Carrara Marble tiles. You’ve made the right choice, a timeless elegance. Italian Carrara Marble is one of the most recognized and used marbles in the world, recognised for its elegant Read More

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Marfil Marble

Marble tiles have long been a popular choice in home design. For centuries, whenever mankind has wanted their houses to look more opulent, they have turned to this enduring, beautiful, natural product. Some like it for its feel, others for it rich veins of colour and yet still others for the cool temperature it maintains. For whatever Read More

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Marble Sydney

Historic, artistic, antique. These are some of the words that come to mind when we hear the word “marble”. Needless to say then, many find marble flooring to be stylish and sophisticated. What makes it so alluring? Are you after marble for your Sydney home? One characteristic is the durability of marble tiles compared with Read More

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Crema Marfil

What should you do when you've got the most famous and globally liked Spanish natural stone at your disposal? The best part about this is that you don’t have to do anything at all Spanish creama marfilmarble is one of the few stones that can be used in a number of different ways to improve the splendor of Read More

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Italian Marble

There are different varieties of Marble.  However, world-famous Italian marble comes from Carrara in the province of Massa-Carrara. It is a town in the north of Italy celebrated for its hospitality and beach resorts. Carrara is in fact deemed by many people to be the marble and granite capital around the globe. Carrara features a mild climate Read More

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Calacatta Marble

Among the best marbles in the world is Calacatta marble that is considered one of the finest products of Italy. A vein cut sawing direction which could present structure and color variations is one good feature of this one-of-a-kind piece of stone. This is the reason why it's thought to be a highly valuable marble Read More

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