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Atelier Italian Porcelain Tiles

If you’re going to reinterpret a classic, you’d better make it good. The new Atelier tile range from Sintesi Italian Ceramics takes it even a step further—it takes classic and natural architectural materials, reinterprets them as ceramic tiles, and makes them even better. Innovation, dedication, and the latest technology have combined to bring you yet Read More

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Dolomite Italian Tiles

Inspiration breeds creation. Thus was born the Dolomite Italian tile collection from one of the most renowned Italian manufacturers. From conception to production, the dedication of this manufacturer to aesthetics and quality continues to be the driving force keeping their tiles at the top of the market. The Dolomite collection continues this tradition on all Read More

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european tile

European cars, clothes, and cuisine seem to be revered the world over. Just mentioning that a product is made in Europe seems to denote that it is a quality item of style and superior craftsmanship. Unfortunately at times, it also implies that the product is probably out of the average person's price range. However, at Read More

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Prestigio Italian Tiles

We learn a great deal through word association. When we think of “fire”, then immediately the word “hot” comes to mind. When we hear “sugar” we think of “sweet”. What about the country name “Italy”? For decades, it has been and continues to be associated with the newest trends in fashion and style as well Read More

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Blendstone Italian porcelain tile

Advancement in digital technology allows manufacturers to create truly amazing designs. The Blendstone Collection, brought to you by Magica Ceramica in Italy, is no exception. People love porcelain tiles from Italy, not only for their designs but also for their versatility and durability. This collection is available in 5 colours, which include 'ivory' which is Read More

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Although terrazzo went out of mode for a few decades, it’s back for flooring, countertops, sinks and even furniture. Whilst historically it was used in traditional applications, it is now being used to create new and exciting solutions for all surfaces. Terrazzo is a dramatic aggregate composition of beautiful pieces of marble, quartz, glass and Read More

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The White Experience

The latest innovation produced by Italgraniti, an Italian big brand company, is the ultimate in style and luxury. Italgraniti’s strong commitment in research and technology is encapsulated in this new range, THE WHITE EXPERIENCE – more than marble. For centuries man has loved marble, especially white marbles such as Bianco Statuario and Bianco Carrara. These Read More

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Italian Floor Tiles Sydney

There is no doubt, Italians started it all. They lead the world in many ways including fashion, food and super car productions but one industry that should not be ignored is the tile manufacturing industry. If you want the taste of Italian floor tiles in Sydney, TFO is the place to go. Tile production started Read More

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Italian Floor Tile

Buy Italian floor tiles from Tile Factory Outlet, Sydney and save thousands.  Italians have taken the lead in the manufacturing industry for centuries. They put passion in everything they make whether it is a flavoursome pizza on the street or a stunning dress from one of the world’s top designers. They love life and that’s Read More

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tiles in italy

Find the latest and the greatest tiles made in Italy at Tile Factory Outlet, Sydney. You want nothing but the best if you are looking for tiles for your new home or for a renovation project. The question is, who makes the best tiles? For centuries, Italians have been the leader in the tile industry Read More

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