Stacked Stone

Stacked Stone – Use It In Your Kitchen

How can stacked stone be used in your Kitchen? After deciding on your choice of natural stone or flexible, artificial stone, ponder some of the following options.

Kitchen—Decorated Incognito

Due to the natural look that stacked stone gives, you can create an aesthetically appealing kitchen backsplash without making it seem that you were trying too hard to decorate. This is just one of a multitude of ideas that will create a warm, homey feel. What considerations can help you to use stackstone in your kitchen?

Stacked stones -“Rock Solid” Design

As with any project, knowledge is the key. Get ideas from homes with stone products in the kitchen space. Wouldn’t checking a magazine be easier? Maybe. But up close and personal is the best way to choose the type of design, texture, and color you want. Don’t know of any homes you can crash to check out the design? Your local discount tile retailer can show you what’s available. They may also have brochures that give tips and directions on how to use the materials.

Next, envision what you want to see. A bar island with a stacked stone base? A kitchen island with a rustic look? A feature wall?

Afterward, put your design on paper and get a professional opinion. Stacked stones will not be the easiest installation to swap out, so make sure that your kitchen furnishings will go well with your choice. For example, if the installation is coral-red, make sure your kitchen cabinets, walls, flooring, appliances, and any other furnishings go well with that reddish hue.

A word about colour. Lighter colours open up a space. So if your kitchen is small, a light-coloured installation is best. Perhaps a sandstone veneer will do well if it suits the décor. A darker installation, however, will make it look smaller.

Why not speak to one of our staff at TFO, they can share more ideas and techniques to enhance your home.  Come into our TFO showroom or visit our online tile store today.

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