Premium Quality Bathroom Floor Grates – Now Available!


TFO is now releasing new state-of-the-art lineal floor grates available in 316 stainless steel and in the tile insert option. The lineal floor grates are 100x800mm which are suitable for 80mm or 90mm pipes and are supplied with an adapter, making them perfect for most bathroom applications. With the ever-increasing popularity of larger format tiles, lineal floor grates are the perfect solution; installation is simple as the tiles can be easily cut to insert into the rectangular water catchment box. The hole is situated in the middle of the box, catching the water to fall into the drain.

Lineal line floor grates will give you an architectural designed look without the enormous expense, with prices starting at just $179 each, a fraction of the price found elsewhere.

One of the most important decisions when considering bathroom drainage fit-out is how it will be incorporated into an existing room layout. Linear grates can be located anywhere within the bathroom/shower area, requiring a simple floor grading towards the channel. This reduces the tiling costs due to decreased installation time and there is less wastage and it can be used with any size tiles. They are easy to clean; just remove the top section and clean out the tray. Also, a level threshold can be created for easy wheelchair access.


For a more economical alternative, why not use one of the smart square tile insert floor grates for just $29 each. This type of floor waste is very popular as it offers a point outlet which is typically located in the centre of the shower and/or bathroom floor. However, it is attractive as you can insert your tile selection in the centre, creating a seamless look. The space will appear larger and more expansive. Alternatively, you can choose the stainless steel lineal cover model for only $30 each.

Another fabulous option is the new matt black model which is a 2 in 1. Use the option to tile the insert or just leave the matt black cover plate. This model is great to match black tapware and fittings which are being used widely for a retro or industrial chic look. Buy premium quality stainless steel floor grates online now.