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The effect of having the right tiles in your house is huge! Sure, you probably wouldn’t tile your entire wall area in your house, but where you do, wall tiles can either make or break the whole room. Take for instance, the bathroom. Most homeowners choose to tile the whole height of their walls these days. In doing so, four times the size of the floor is being tiled on the walls. Wall tiles are also the first thing you see when entering a bathroom. The choice of tiles can really determine whether your entire project is a success or a failure.

However, with so many types of tiles to choose from, how can you make sure that you are making the right choice? To make it easy, let’s put them all in two simple categories: “Clean and simple wall tiles” and “Decorative wall tiles”.


Clean And Simple Wall Tiles

Clean and simple tiles such as gloss white wall tiles and light coloured polished porcelain tiles are very practical options for many bathrooms and laundries. In small rooms, these tiles can make the area look bigger and brighter. But how? Light coloured tiles fill the room with light as opposed to dark coloured tiles that absorb light. In a similar way, shiny surfaces reflect light. So by choosing glossy tiles or tiles with a polished surface instead of unpolished or textured tiles helps your wall to reflect light from each other.

There are many clean and simple tiles that you can choose at TFO. One of the most popular products is the Gloss White Rectified Edge Wall Tile. The product comes in a 300x600mm size which helps in minimizing the visible grout joints on the walls. The “rectified edge” refers to the square edges of the tile unlike traditional ceramic tiles that come with rounded edges. Rectified edge tiles are an advantage because they have very consistent sizes. Therefore it’s possible to lay them with very narrow grout joints of just 1.5mm. This in turn creates a seamless appearance on your wall.


Decorative Tiles For Walls

In recent years, we have seen a dramatic increase of decorative tiles. Many consider their wall space as a blank canvas to freely express their style and passion. European manufacturers continue to produce an ever widening range of vivid decorative tiles to satisfy the appetite of those seeking the latest innovations.

One such product are patchwork tiles. If they remind you of intricate Moroccan tiles, that’s not a coincidence. Moroccans were the first ones to come up with such designs more than a thousand years ago before introducing them to Spain and France in the eighth century. But they are now getting renewed attention as manufacturers add a modern twist and make use of digital technology to produce a similar look on ceramic and porcelain tiles. They add a vibrant and energetic atmosphere to rooms while maintaining the essence of a classical look. Spanish manufacturers such as Baldocer and Pamesa are known to make some of the finest patchwork wall tiles.


Three Dimensional Wall Tiles

Another type of decorative wall tiles worth mentioning are three dimensional. In contrast to patchwork tiles that have been around for hundreds of years, three dimensional tiles are products of the latest modern technology. Even tiles with the most basic colours can put on a dramatic personality by adding a variety of three dimensional textures such as wavy, swirly and mosaic like shapes.

Whichever way you decide to go, you’ll find just the right tiles for your needs here at TFO. We take keen interest in the international market as well as the local market. That’s why we can source the best and the latest products that are perfectly suited for use in Australia. Other than the products mentioned above, we have other types of wall tiles such as natural stone wall tiles, timber look wall tiles, lappato porcelain wall tiles and a wide variety of glazed porcelain wall tiles.

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