Looking for high-end splash back tiles but not in the market for devoting days to installing them? Then you may find the following tips from the experts useful.

Safety First

Before you begin your splash back installation project, turn off the power to all of the walls you will be working on. Moreover, take out any electric outlet covers.

Then, you must get the project area ready. You will need 80- or 90-grit sand paper for this. Extensively sand the area that will be tiled. Next you need to wash the grit and dirt off. To do that, get a wet cloth and clean the walls down.

Locating The Center Of The Wall

The center of the wall ought to be the starting place for your tile installation. Therefore it is imperative that you find it. Use a level to draw a line through it to create a huge cross after locating it visually.

Prior to deciding to actually tile the wall, you should also be sure of the way in which your installment will look. For this, you can do a loose lay of the tiles on the ground, known as a dry test.

After that, make use of a trowel to use a layer of thin-set adhesive to a small section of the wall starting at the centerline. The adhesive needs to be combed in straight lines rather than swirled ones. The foot of the wall should be your starting place.

Press your glass splash back tiles evenly on the adhesive. Keep an eye on the middle line to keep your tiles as level as you can. Work in small areas to help you place the tiles before the adhesive dries.

Use a wax pencil to put a mark on the last row of tiles, showing where they must be cut. Cut them down to size with a glass tile cutter.

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