Looking for tiles to use in your pool or pool surrounds? TFO offers a great range of outdoor tiles including porcelain tiles, travertine, stackstone and pool mosaic tiles. Everything you need to create a fabulous outdoor area and pool for your family to enjoy. TFO makes it easy for you as the prices of all these fabulous products, including stunning pool tiles, are a fraction of the prices that normal retail stores charge.

So, if you’re building a pool, you should consider using glass swimming pool tiles. However, not all glass mosaic tiles are suitable.

Pool Tiles – Suitability, The Look And The Price


1. Suitability

Many people think that they can use any glass mosaic tiles for tiling their pool. However, this is not the case as pool mosaics, whilst aesthetically appealing, have been a practical nightmare for many Sydney pool owners. In the past, many have used mesh backing mosaics in their pools. Whilst mesh backing is fine for bathrooms and kitchens, over 90% are not suitable for pools. Quite simply the mosaics pop off after a year or so. The most suitable are pool safe mosaics with each piece of glass stuck together with a polyurethane cord that allows the glue to have better surface coverage. Laid correctly with a pool safe adhesive, this range is a perfect choice for your pool.


2. The Look Of Pool Tiles

The finished look is very important as you want your pool to look amazing. We at TFO carry a wide range of pool safe mosaics that come in beautiful greens, white, tranquil blues with some in a mother of pearl finish. Glass pool mosaics reflect light making them glisten, whilst adding a look of luxury. The most popular choice is shades of blue as blue glass makes the water appear sparkling clean and inviting. Glass mosaics give your pool a lifelong finish. Tile the whole pool or just the waterline, the choice is yours. Glass mosaics are also great for creating a backdrop for a wonderful water feature so that you can sit and relax to the sound of cascading water.


3. Price

This is obviously one of the main factors you should consider when choosing your pool tiles. There are many retail stores who will try to justify their overly inflated prices. Furthermore, it’s normal to find these pool glass mosaic tiles with prices more than double of what we offer at TFO.


At TFO, you’ll notice that we sell everything, including pool tiles, at absolute rock bottom prices. That’s especially true of our range of glass pool mosaic tiles. We import them directly from the manufacturer and sell them to you. That means you’ll get these stunning tiles at wholesale prices that cannot be beaten.

Therefore, come into TFO today and check out our range of swimming pool mosaics. Also, for your pool surrounds and alfresco areas see our extensive range of outdoor tiles, travertine coping edges, travertine pavers and travertine bullnose pavers or buy online now.